Lyft and Uber drivers tell me the weirdest things.

I can’t make this stuff up.

I’m in Phoenix today for the Disney Social Media Moms conference. I’m feeling kind of lazy, plus it’s like a million degrees here, so I decided to skip out on my rental car and get around with Lyft and Uber instead.

It’s been weird.

On my ride from the airport to the hotel, my Lyft driver informed me that I didn’t have to worry because he didn’t think my outfit was indecent. Ummm…okay. Hoping it was a language barrier kind of thing. For the record, here is what I was wearing:

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 5.35.30 PM

Such a shocker, right?

My next ride was a couple of hours later. Uber this time. I was on my way to a pedicure at Lavish Nails, a 5-star Yelp find. (I only get pedicures while I’m on vacation). My driver (a woman) apologized for looking “rusty,” and explained that she had just been involved in a forceful eviction. Yikes! At least she was the evictor and not the evictee, but really, there’s no good side to that situation.

On the way back to the hotel, I got in an Uber car with a driver who regaled me with tales of his high-profile regulars. It seems he is the on-call driver for an assortment of characters, among them a man worth 100 million dollars, a baseball player, and a porn star. He strongly urged me to tell him a “wild story” so he could include me in his roster (I couldn’t do it), then gave me his card in case I wanted to become one of his clients as well. He was pretty entertaining, so I said I would think about it.

And now here I am, back at the hotel. Part of me is regretting my decision to ditch my rental…but I think a bigger part of me is looking forward to hearing the next stories in the series tomorrow.

Have you ever had a colorful Uber or Lyft ride? What happened?


  1. That’s too funny – I drive for Lyft & Uber in Phoenix and I’m usually on the receiving end of wild stories!

    Sorry about your experience – hope you’ll give us another try!

  2. Aaron Olsen says:

    I promise those are isolated incidents and not how professional drivers like myself work. You should definitely report the respective drivers to support and let them know about your experience.

    I am sorry yours was less than 5 star! The good ones never make the news!

    • Points Pixie says:

      Aaron – I have also had some VERY good rides and drivers. In fact, that is why I keep coming back. I love it when I get in a great conversation about Led Zeppelin or Nigerian rap artists or high school. Today was just a very strange Uber/Lyft day.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh! My hubs and I had THE craziest Uber driver over in NYC! It was insanity! Get ready for a longgggg comment.

    So the driver picks us up at JFK and we start our journey to our hotel in Times Square. It was high traffic time so we knew the ride would be long, but just how long we had no idea.

    The guy starts out right off the bat telling us he can’t help us with his luggage because he has an injury. I’m like, “No prob!” Then he automatically assumed I cared about this injury and tells me that he was shot. Okay…So we get in, and I forgot to mention this guy is LARGE, like 300lbs at least, and he starts talking about how he was shot while at war saving someone’s life. I’m still unaware that he is bananas and just keep listening to his story. He starts telling us how he is, not was, a colonel in the Air Force…But then he gets into how he’s really a pharmacist. He went to Columbia University, but he only worked as a pharmacist for a month before he quit. Apparently he was so good at it they wanted to transfer him to China for some specialized job but he didn’t want to go. Then he starts on how he didn’t need the job anyway because he’s a self made millionaire. He goes into talking his Ferrari and keeps telling us he paid 413,000.00 for it. He told us that price like ten times! He’s totally showing us pictures of it while we are driving, too! Then he starts showing us pictures of all these other fancy cars, which are all his, gives us a story about his wife’s red Mercedes, but she didn’t like the color so he bought her a new one! Okay, I’ll skip a few details and just tell you some more of the stories he told us! His wife is a physician and he bought her a 3 story office in downtown New York tgat cost millions, he speaks 6 languages, he use to fly in first class everywhere for free because his wife was a flight attendant for british airways so they got to fly in first class for free anywhere they wanted (we all know THAT isn’t true )! Oh, we drove by a massive cemetery and what do you know, his rich friend owns it and they okay cards there together every week! Oh, his piece of hair on the back of his head stands up because an evil spirit was in him once and when the spirit left , it left through that hair, he drive taxis right after high school and bought a 300,000.00 house on his salary, dude was 55 years old, so buying a house that expensive back then….yeah! And just on and on and on and on! It was insanity! I talk A LOT! This guy put me to shame and he was soooo incredibly full of crap !

    We also got in an argument over cannibals! That’s right! He said that Australia is the only place in the world that has cannibals. I told him I thought he was wrong and he was like, “NO!” Ugh, I’m getting a headache just remembering all this!

    • Points Pixie says:

      Toni. Wow. I can’t believe you were trapped in the car with this looney toon! That is the thing about Uber – you just never know who you are going to get. Sheesh.

  4. We’ve definitely had the same driver. (The porn star mentioning one).

  5. Rebecca says:

    what weirdos!!

    cute dress btw

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