10-second tip: DarkSky

I live in the SF Bay Area, and we’re in the middle of an epic rainstorm right now. Since we’re just coming out of an historic drought, we’re all still slightly giddy about the wet weather – but not quite to the point we were at a couple of years ago, when people would literally stand in the rain like thirsty plants, arms out and faces up. In other words, we no longer want to get caught in the rain.

Enter DarkSky. Do you know about this app? It’s genius.


Dark Sky provides hyperlocal forecasts: not just for your city of state, but right where you’re standing. Perfect for when you’re deciding whether to leap out of the car and make a run for it in the middle of a downpour, or wait it out for a few minutes.

I’ve been using it like crazy these past few days, and it’s wonderfully (scarily?) accurate.

Anyone else use DarkSky and love it? And while we’re talking about apps, any others you would recommend?


  1. the best weather app! the best feature for me is that it will tell you “the rain will slow down in 10min” and i can just wait it out instead of getting soaked

  2. I love this! I live in SF which is famous for its microclimates, so use a brilliant app (SF Climates) that shows the weather in individual neighborhoods throughout the city. Now we can do this everywhere?!?!! Can’t wait to download.

  3. Love this app! Every time I announce to the group that “Rain will be starting in 5 minutes” they look at me like some kind of freak/wizard. Off to try SF Climates so I can commute like a freak/wizard as well. Thanks, pinkisnice!

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