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When a vacation isn’t that great…

Our spirits were high as our flight landed, but from there on out, things kind of went sideways. Honestly, I think we’re getting a little too overconfident about traveling, because we made all kinds of mistakes, big and small.

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Hotel Review: Homewood Suites Liberty Station in San Diego. In a word: amazing.

The past four days we spent in San Diego was one of the best family vacations we’ve had in years. The weather was perfect, the kids got along, we chose great activities, and the hotel was amazing. While I was pleasantly surprised by all of the above, I was actually […]

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An end-of-summer family trip to San Diego: the walrus is gross but cool

We’re in San Diego this weekend, soaking up the last bits of Indian summer here in California. While this vacation has been fantastic so far (today), I’m still a little nervous about the next couple of days because of our near-disastrous Seattle weekend in August. However, being the intrepid traveler […]

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Psst! Did you know that San Diego in October is free for kids?

How did I not know this before now? During the entire month of October, San Diego is hanging out fistfuls of cash to parents! Seriously, they are just giving it away. I am totally looking forward to pocketing at least $350 during this bonanza. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a […]

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