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Unfortunate and gross hotel review: Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport.

If you are planning a trip that includes a stay at the Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport, consider yourself warned!

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Hotel Review: Homewood Suites Liberty Station in San Diego. In a word: amazing.

The past four days we spent in San Diego was one of the best family vacations we’ve had in years. The weather was perfect, the kids got along, we chose great activities, and the hotel was amazing. While I was pleasantly surprised by all of the above, I was actually […]

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I Hid Some Vouchers At The Grand Wailea – Here Are Some Clues So You Can Find Them!

I love a good treasure hunt, don’t you? If you’ll be at the Grand Wailea this summer, I hid a little surprise at the hotel for someone to find: nothing too special – it’s more about the actual hunt 🙂 Here is what you’re looking for: One Lappert’s Ice Cream […]

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My Top Five Opinionated Tips For The Grand Wailea In Maui

In the early nineties, my boyfriend and I were on a game show titled, “Shop ‘Til You Drop.” It was filmed in a fake mall, complete with various storefronts. We were pitted against another couple, and the goal of the game was to get the high score in a serious […]

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Hotel Status Hopscotch – Wanna Play?

A year ago ago, I barely knew what hotel status was. I knew that some people had status, but I didn’t really care enough to find out what it meant, and certainly didn’t care enough to go for it myself. Mere months later, I’ve got high-level status in seven different […]

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Tweet Your Way To “Yes” – My Success With Hilton

Hilton has had a lot of bad press lately with all the kerfuffle about their points devaluation/award chart restructuring. While I took note of the new award chart, I was also trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was already in the middle of spending over 600,000 Hilton […]

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In Hilton H@#*!…Or, When Planning Goes Awry

Several years ago, when my kids were really little, we took a family trip to Hawaii.  It seemed like such a fabulous idea at the time: we would play in the surf, relax on the beach, and soak up the tropical sun while sipping a variety of beverages (Mai Tais […]

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