About Me

Hi and welcome!

I’m so happy you’re here.

This blog is about a lot of things. Travel. Style. Earning points and miles. Life. I started the blog in 2012, and honestly never expected anyone to read it, so I’m always thrilled and honored when people do. Thank you!

About me: I love travel, fashion, quirkiness, and pink and sparkly things.

I’m married, with 2 kids. I’ve known my husband since 4th grade, but we haven’t been together since then 😉 Instead, we re-met at our 10th year high school reunion and got married five months later.

I have a full-time job as a writer for a big company in the SF Bay Area. It’s a big job, and sometimes it overwhelms me and I stop writing this blog for several days (or weeks!), but since I love blogging, I always come back.

I LOVE talking to readers, so if you have a question (or just want to say hello!) you can email me at pointsandpixiedust@gmail.com, or find me on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you so much for reading!