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A secret source for luxury “steals.”

I love scouting out fantastic deals when I travel, shop, and dine at unique spots across the country (and abroad!), and I always try to share the details with you, so you can do the same. Here is one of my sources for curated, “boutique” deals at a great price…and it might not be on your radar yet.

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Restaurant review: Portillo’s Chicago hot dogs

While we were in Chicago, my friend Ginger and I agreed that we had to experience Portillo’s. And it’s true- it’s not just a hot dog, it’s an experience.

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A Chicago “must-do” – the architectural boat tour.

One of the best things we did in Chicago was the Architectural Boat Tour. No surprise there, because at least 437,568 friends had recommended it. Here’s my review.

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Chicago fun: a review of Bobby’s Bike Tour.

I was expecting to love this tour, but I didn’t. Here’s why.

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Hotel review: Park Hyatt Chicago

I loved this hotel. So much. In fact, the Park Hyatt Chicago was so amazing that I didn’t really want to leave the room. This was my first stay in a Park Hyatt, and I can say without question that it is worth every one of the 25,000 Hyatt points you need for a free award night. Here’s why…

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How I got lost in the Catacombs of Chicago en route from the airport. Walking.

The title of this post was going to be something like: Chicago on the cheap: how to get from the airport to your hotel for $5. However, as you can tell from the actual title, things did not go exactly as planned on my journey.

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My $5 three-day trip to Chicago (courtesy of points and miles).

I’m cashing in on another valuable miles and points redemption! This time I’ll be in Chicago for a long weekend with a friend. I love being able to say that the total cost for my flight and hotel was a whopping $5. Amazing.

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