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My 4 most recent Kimpton Inner Circle welcome amenities.

I’m a huge Kimpton fangirl. Here’s one of the reasons why!

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3 dreamy cocktail spots in Los Angeles.

If you’re in Los Angeles, these three places are amazing!

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Halfhearted Hotel Review: Andaz West Hollywood. Great, if you’re a rock star.

From everything I read and heard, this seemed like a fun (and even slightly glamorous) place to stay. However, while the weekend was fabulous, our hotel choice was a letdown…at least for the first two nights. Here’s why…

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My Hyatt Diamond amenity bonanza.

This was definitely the best 1,000 Hyatt points I’ve ever spent!

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A different way to explore a new city.

Doing different local activities is such a great way to really explore a new city – you get to meet people, see new neighborhoods, and have new experiences all at the same time.

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“Cool Hunting” – Stalking Where To Go And What To Do In A New City

I am a planner. (I know: shocking). A few years ago, I would have also said that I was a foodie, but I think that word is played out, so I will simply say that I am a selective diner and appreciate an artisanal meal. (Hmmm, not sure that sounds […]

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Why I’m Excited To Stay At The Radisson LAX For A Girlfriend Getaway Weekend

I have stayed in some crazy hotels in my day.  Among the most unbelievable was a crumbling shell of a building in Busua, Ghana called Mother Mary’s.  Huge chunks of the roof and walls of the building were just gone.  It literally looked like a bomb had fallen on it. […]

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