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Field trip: shopping with blog readers in Seattle.

Here’s what happened when I met up with a group of readers to go shopping in Seattle. (Spoiler alert – we had a fantastic time!) I can’t wait to do it again – would you come next time?

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Five Star Seattle Dining – Bitterroot BBQ

During the middle of the summer, we took a family trip up to Seattle to celebrate Josh’s birthday. If you’ve already read the posts, you’ll know that parts of the trip were fabulous and other parts were terrible. Bitterroot BBQ was fabulous. It might be my new favorite restaurant. Bitterroot […]

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7 Super Fun Things To Do In Seattle With Kids – We Rocked It!

While our family trip to Seattle got off to kind of a rocky start, we were able to regroup and pull it together on the second day. Thank God. Here is a list of the 7 super fun things we did; I highly recommend all of them. 1) Check Out […]

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Hotel Review: Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle – Things To Know Before You Go

I love Seattle. My husband Josh and I lived in Seattle together for a year before we set off to wander around in Africa for a few months, and the time we spent in Seattle was some of the best days of our lives. So, to celebrate Josh’s birthday this […]

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A Tough Day In Seattle With Kids: Swimming, Singing, And Shouting In The Rain

I’m writing this post because I personally love it when parents tell the truth about what went down during those 2-drink-minimum days. I think that most family travel blogs are kind of like Facebook – most of the time people gloss over the gritty stuff and focus on the shiny parts. […]

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Bursting Onto The Seattle Scene – Family Style

I loved reading through all of your comments on my recent giveaway post. It was great to learn what kinds of posts you all enjoy reading and what kinds of posts you want more of. One request that came up a lot was trip planning, which is convenient because I […]

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Seattle Trip Planning – How I Booked Josh’s Birthday Trip For A Song

My husband Josh and I have known each other since the fourth grade. Of course we haven’t been together that long – we reconnected at our tenth year high school reunion. He had no idea who I was. We were married five months later. At the time of the reunion, Josh was […]

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