5 things you need to know this Friday: free beer, BBQ, and breakfast at Starwood Element hotels.

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When I am traveling, I really appreciate the little things hotels do to make my stay more comfortable. Unique, thoughtful amenities and personal connections go a long way with me. In other words, love it when a hotel becomes more than simply a place to stay for the night, and feels more like a destination.

The Element brand from Starwood offers a variety of these kinds of amenities.

Relax Happy Hour

Element put their own spin on this evening get-together, which is offered three to four times a week, usually Monday through Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. During happy hour, their signature “salon bar carts” offer complimentary hot and cold gourmet bites, wine tastings, assorted sodas, and a host of local, imported and premium brand beers.

At the end of the reception, guests can enjoy a smoothie.

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Wii games in the lobby

I love this idea. Each hotel offers a Wii in the lobby, so you can play a game with your family or with a few friends.

BBQ by the pool

Several times a month, hotels host a BBQ reception. These are complimentary, and grills are open for guests to use to make their own meals as well.


“Rise” breakfast

The “Rise” breakfast menu is 100% complimentary, and includes options like breakfast wraps with egg whites, fruit smoothies, parfaits, and homemade granola.

“Restore” pantry

The Restore pantry is equipped to help guests prepare meals in their guest rooms (which have fully-equipped kitchens).

Meal choices in the Restore pantry include salads, grillables, pasta and sauce, and plenty of ready-to-go meals. The pantry is also stocked with snacks: artisanal meats and cheeses, yogurt, chips and dip, cookies, crackers, candy, biscotti, snack bars and trail mix. Ice cream, gelato and sorbet are available in the pantry freezer. The beverage selection includes smoothies, specialty sodas, energy drinks, water, tea, coffee, beer and wine.

I am looking forward to my first stay at an Element property! Have you already stayed at one? Did you enjoy any of these amenities while you were there? What did you think?



  1. did I read correctly – all units have kitchens? THAT is wonderful. I love to make my own foods, and have been known to bring my juicer w/me on travels. I’m curious what kind of complimentary hot and cold gourmet bites they offer! Plz keep us posted on what you think of the place. How does it compare. Is it like an Embassy or higher end?

    1. Rebecca – Yes, all have kitchens! I asked about the exact bites that they offer, but the response I got was that it varies from property to property. I will definitely keep you posted as I learn more over time (and hopefully get the chance to stay in an Element).

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