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Review: Air China Business Class Beijing to Paris.

This flight was pretty janky, which was really disappointing. Here are the details…

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Swimming in an abandoned metro station in Paris.

Wouldn’t you just love to swim in the metro? There are eight metro stations in Paris that were being considered for this lovely fate. Sadly, it seems that it is not to be.

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A truly secret Paris hotel.

Filled with rich fabrics, antiques, fresh flowers, and art, this hotel is unique and eccentric. You won’t learn the address – or the rate – until you make a booking. It’s truly a secret.

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Things Parisians do that stun us…and vice versa.

Ha ha. Have you seen this article in New York magazine about the things Parisians do that stun Americans…and vice versa?

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A free stay in Paris…in a bookstore?

This would definitely be a story-worthy experience. Would you do it?

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