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One Stays And One Goes: A Tale of Borders And Bribes.

When you’re on the border of an African country, it is no joke to hear the words, “Get your bags and get out of our country!” But that is exactly how things went down. This is a story that could never happen again. One reason, to steal a line from […]

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Have You Ever Been Lost In A Foreign Country?

I’ll preface this story by first revealing that it happened a long time ago, in 1997, before cell phones and the internet swept the world. My brother Chad was getting married in Cameroon, and my husband and I were planning on backpacking around West Africa for a few months after […]

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He Was Really In First Class

I haven’t been posting every day lately, mostly because it is the end of the school year and I am feeling pretty wrung out. Parents, you know what I am talking about. Non-parents, you can get a good idea from this awesome piece by blogger Jen Hatmaker that went viral […]

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The Scariest 3 Words I’ve Ever Heard: “Hello, My Friend!”

I’ve been thinking about Africa a lot lately. Partially because my brother just moved to Cameroon, a little because I’ve been thinking about going back, and another bit because I want my kids to know what it was like. For me, Africa was intense. First of all, I didn’t fit […]

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I Got Malaria In West Africa…I’ve Told You That, Right?

When I tell people in the United States that I’ve had malaria, they usually gasp loudly. Or they cuss. It depends on the crowd. At any rate, they are always shocked, and they want to know the entire story. It’s not like having the flu, where no one really wants […]

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The Art Of The Quest

I spent my junior year of High School in Strasbourg, France. I was a Rotary Club exchange student. This was before email and cell phones, back in the day when a dollar was worth twelve francs. It was simultaneously the best and worst year of my life. I became fluent […]

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How To Make A 5-Tier Wedding Cake In A Monsoon In Africa

This is an article that I wrote for the Frugal Travel Guy site. You can read it here.

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