I Got Malaria In West Africa…I’ve Told You That, Right?

When I tell people in the United States that I’ve had malaria, they usually gasp loudly. Or they cuss. It depends on the crowd. At any rate, they are always shocked, and they want to know the entire story. It’s not like having the flu, where no one really wants to know the details…people literally hang on my every word. Small crowds gather. Sometimes people I don’t even know will come up to me later and ask in hushed tones if I am okay.

So I thought I would tell the story. It’s a good one. It’s probably better in person, but I will leave it up to you to imagine the dramatic gestures and pauses for effect.

Here it is, on the Frugal Travel Guy site:

My Crowd-Wowing Malaria Story.


Hope you like it.


  1. Wow, what a story. I am so glad you lived through that – it seems so scary.

    PS: Why do people feel it is appropriate to tell you what you felt? Only you know that. IJS

    • Points Pixie says

      ElleX – I KNOW!! I wanted to say something much less diplomatic, but I restrained myself. I also wanted to ask him if he had ever recovered from malaria himself 😉

  2. pinkisnice says

    Malaria or not, it sounds like a great and memorable trip!

    • pinkisnice says

      p.s. I’m not sure this story could get better, but I’d still like to see you tell it in person!

  3. What a cool story. Malaria sounds wild. pop pop pop. The lawn chair in the kitchen had me cracking up!! Though I’d love to travel through Africa someday, I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to rough it the way you did!! Especially considering my, eh, special dietary requirements.

  4. First of all, congratulations on landing a regular gig on Frugal Travel Guy, that’s quite a coup.

    Secondly, although I have been a traveler my entire life, backpacking through Africa or even Southeast Asia are waaaaay out of my comfort zone. In my 20s I drove all around Europe for three months in a Volkswagen bus and thought I was hot stuff. Now, in my sixties, I still love travel but want to be safe and taken care of.

    Incredible malaria story. Does it ever recur?

  5. And I wanted to add I am so with you on not taking anything that made your hair permanently fall out. Geez, what woman would disagree?

  6. Points Pixie says

    pinkisnice – Yes, at the risk of sounding cliche, this trip changed my life in many ways. And yes – the story is definitely better in person!

    Rebecca – Glad you liked the lawn chair part 😉

    Anne – Thank you! And I think a VW bus in Europe IS hot stuff!

    Malaria does not recur, thank goodness. My hair is too important to my identity 🙂


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