Apparently I found a secret offer from Amex.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a thick envelope in the mail from Amex. I quickly tore it open, excited to discover what surprises they had in store for me, and was thrilled to find a packet of offers redeemable with my Platinum card.


The most practical of the bunch was a 30% off a Boxed order, which stacked nicely with a 2x points offer I already had loaded onto my card. I used it to stock up on cleaning supplies and snacks for my kids’ lunches and saved $50. Nice.

Then there was a more “aspirational” offer: $200 off $500 at Intermix. Drool.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.15.53 PM

Lemme just say: wine hour is real, people. 6 pm on Sunday night? Dangerous. Stack that with an extra 40% off sale items, 8% back from TopCashBack, 2x points at Amex, and a birthday check from my in-laws and you can pretty much guess the rest.

Although…Amex put a screeching halt to my wild plans when the code on the card just straight up didn’t work. I tried everything I could think of, then I called Amex.

Which was a total waste of time.

Thirty minutes later, I had spoken to 3 people – including someone in tech support – and they all implied that my card (and the code) were a figment of my imagination. “Of course we believe that you’re holding the card in your hand right now,” the last rep said to me, placatingly, “it’s just that we have no record of it. According to our systems, it doesn’t exist.”

For reals.


So I did what any sane person would do: I tweeted @AskAmex.

Sure enough, within minutes, my issue was resolved.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.16.50 AM

The moral of the story? Actually, I’m not really sure. Is it:

A) Never call when you can tweet.

B) The Amex marketing team has gone rogue.

C) Ask and ye shall receive.

D) All of the above.

What do you all think? Has anyone else received this offer? Has anyone used it? Any other secret offers out there?