10-second tip: $1000 sign-up bonus for driving ONE Lyft ride.

NOTE: This promo has ended! Lyft got thousands of applications and closed the window on this. Hopefully some of you were able to get in on this amazing deal.

This sounds like it is too good to be true.

However, it is true.

Sign up to be a Lyft driver in Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, San Jose, Miami, Nashville, San Francisco, Los Angeles and earn $1000 as a sign-up bonus.

You only need to complete ONE RIDE.

Just make sure to enter a code when you sign up. My code is KENDRA261 if you would like to use it.

If you are in the San Francisco area and use my code, we will EACH get $1000!

If you are elsewhere (Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, San Jose, Miami, Nashville, Los Angeles) use code THOUSAND or BENJAMINS and YOU will get the $1000 🙂



Thanks to reader Al for letting me know about this awesome promo!

Any of you going for it?


  1. Was there a point to posting this after the registration date had already passed?

  2. As far as I am aware the BENJAMINS promo code appears to be for nyc only. At least that’s what the screen print says. I could be wrong but From what I could dig off the web it looks like one needs valid codes for the other cities such as these:


  3. I live in SF and am interested in this! The problem is I don’t have a car – what do you recommend I do?

  4. Couple questions for you:

    1. So I just signed up (but I need some time to clean my car, do the mentor ride, wait for background check to clear, etc). In the meantime can I refer other people using this $1,000 promo or do I need to wait till I am approved to drive before I can start referring people and racking up these $1,000 credits

    2. If I had a speeding ticket a couple years ago will this be an issue?

    • Points Pixie says:

      HoKo – I’m so sorry but I don’t know the answers to your questions! Maybe reach out to Lyft directly to get answers?

  5. pinkisnice says:

    I don’t think my car could possibly get clean enough, but it’s worth a try for $1,000. Thank you!!

  6. Do you know of anyone who actually got approved to drive yet? The deadline to make the first drive is tomorrow….


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