46% off Shoes at Land’s End Today

Shoes: the final frontier.  My kids live in Keens and sneakers.  Neither of them own a pair of dress shoes, so on the rare occasion that they need to dress up, we are always caught unaware.  We’ve pulled together some very random outfit combinations over the years, but no one has seemed to mind.

However, Bird is old enough now that these things matter to her.  It’s been in the back of my mind for awhile, shoved down to the bottom of my to-do list: get Bird a pair of dressy shoes for the holidays!  But it was one of those things I couldn’t quite bring myself to do.  I knew she would outgrow the shoes within a few wears, I knew I could probably find a pair at a clothes swap or a thrift store, I knew that it would take more time than I felt like I had to deal with the situation.

So I haven’t taken action.  Until today!  I got an email alerting me to the fact that Land’s End is having a flash sale – 40% off all shoes, with free shipping.  Perfect. I went through the Ev’rewards site to get 6% off at Ebates, then went through Ebates to Land’s End and used the code FOOTWEAR and pin 4040.

I found these:


They’re perfect.  And the best part was that they were $15.  Checking it off my list.


  1. Danielle Raleigh says:

    Love your blog and follow it regularly. I just came across this deal and thought maybe you’d want to share it on your site. It lasts for 12 days.


    Basically, you get $75 for $150 worth of goods on Bluefly.com, which is the discount designer brands site. They have some great shoes on sale right now. After using the coupon I was able to pick up a pair of LAMB pumps for only $100 (they were being sold for $250). The coupon site says its for men but I’ve bought a couple things on there with no problem.

    Thought others may be interested in the deal as well.


    • Points Pixie says:

      Danielle! Awesome find! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to do a special post on this today 🙂

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