$50 off a Hotel Tonight booking with a new code.

UPDATE – code might be dead! While it was working for a few hours, it appears that it is no longer working for all accounts. YMMV! See comments below for details.

I spent this past Saturday being a tourist in my own city (San Francisco) with one of my best friends. We had an adventurous lunch, did some after-hours shopping, and met another friend for drinks and dinner. Then we extended our day by staying overnight at a hotel (we grabbed a great deal at TravelPony). It was super fun, and felt like a mini-vacation.

However, I just had a head-smack moment when I realized that we could have saved even more by booking through HotelTonight with this new coupon code.


HotelTonight is a mobile booking app that gives you great deals on same-night stays. The way it works is that hotels want to book their unsold rooms, so they allow HotelTonight to slash prices on them, saving you big bucks.

I’ve never used the app before, because I always plan my hotel stays way in advance. But how great is this for a Staycation?! Perfect!

Check this out.

  • By using a friend’s referral code, I got $25 deposited into my account. (My code is KCOLLINS102 if you would like to use it – we each get $25 when you do).
  • Then I stacked the code BOOKEUROPE on top of the first code for another $25.
  • The BOOKEUROPE code is new, and I do not know how long it will last – but the credit will stay in your account until you decide to book, so it’s worth pre-loading your account now, and having it when you need it.

Just to see what the deals were like, I opened the app to see what was available. The Pier 2620 Hotel is a boutique hotel that seemed to be a “solid” choice (their word), and the price was right – a total of $151.

Pier 2620

By applying the $50 credit I had in my account, I could have snapped up this room for $100, which is a steal for San Francisco.

While I didn’t use this app for my recent stay. I will definitely be using it in the future, especially now that I’ve got a $50 credit. I’m excited to have another valuable tool in my Points and Miles toolkit!

Have you used HotelTonight yet? What deals have you found?



  1. It worked !!! thanks

  2. Kendra, HotelTonight rocks. I’ve book quite a few rooms and haven’t had a bad experience yet!

    My Promo Code: FREECASH777


  3. I tried the link and I got to their site but I couldn’t get anything to open. Is anyone else having that problem?

    • Points Pixie says

      If you tap the HotelTonight logo in the upper left corner of your screen, you’ll see that it’ll slide open a drawer. There you’ll see everything you need. Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for sharing

  5. It told me I couldn’t add it because I have an account in USD. Anyone else have this prob?

  6. Yes Ijust had this problem too.

  7. It says can’t be used with a USD account. Makes sense since Europe is in the code

  8. Points Pixie says

    Abhi – Glad it worked for you!

    Mike – Great!

    Hottie – Are you looking at it on your phone?

    vasu – Sure!

    Cathleen/Joe/heels05 – I think they just changed the terms of the offer…

  9. Get $25 with code:

  10. Susan Mulligan says

    How do you “stack” the code? When I typed in both codes, it came back not identifying the code. I’d like $50, not $25…anyone?

  11. bummer, iPhone or Droid phones only seems like

  12. BOOKEUROPE- works
    HOLIDAYS – works
    TTYRER – works

  13. Just found out “HTHOTEL” for $25 off first booking, $100 off second. Limit to 100 users. Worked on me!


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