$135 off 2 hotel stays from TravelPony.

I first learned about TravelPony in early January, when I got a 50% discount at the Four Seasons through their site.

Last week, I wrote about TravelPony again when they had a Flash Sale and I found deals for 40% off Kimpton hotels (and more).

This triggered a landslide of posts about TravelPony by other bloggers on Boarding Area, which I think is great. The folks at TravelPony are trying a new concept – blending the power of social media with the love of the deal. Instead of spending big bucks on marketing, the site relies on their customers to spread the word about their site.

So I’ve definitely had my eye on them. I’ve been waiting for their “next big thing.”

And I think it might be here.

Deja Vu? $50 off any booking of $200 or more

If you use promo code PROWINNER, you can get an additional $50 off bookings of $200 or more. This is similar to the KATE50 code we saw last week.


Thanks, TravelPony!

Stack a discount with your sign-up bonus and get $135 off 2 hotel stays.

You can save even more if you haven’t signed up for TravelPony yet.

First, you can sign up through a friend’s referral link and get a $35 booking credit. Here is my referral link if you would like to use it. Of course, please feel free to share your links in the comments section as well!

Next, this $35 credit stacks with either the PROWINNER or the KATE50 discount.

So you can get $85 off your first booking, and $50 off your next booking, for a total savings of $135!

travelpony new user

This is huge.

What’s next?

I am watching TravelPony closely to see what they come up with next. In the meantime, I’ve booked several stays with TravelPony, saving hundreds in the process.

If you have any upcoming hotel stays in mind, you can definitely save some serious cash with these offers. Both codes expire on February 28…but why wait? Book now and bask in the glory of your great deal. 😉

Have you found any TravelPony steals yet?


(HT to my friend Hottie for this one!)



  1. Title is a bit misleading and sadly it’s what some BA articles have come to

    “$85 off $200+ reservation” is more accurate, since one cannot stack KATE50 AND PROWINNER codes together…

    • Points Pixie says:

      Jerry – I was intrigued at the beginning of your comment, because I thought perhaps I had made a mistake in my post, or that the code was already dead.

      But then I kept reading and realized that maybe you didn’t read the entire post?

      My point is that if you make 2 bookings with TravelPony, you will get a total of $135 off those 2 bookings – $85 for your first booking and $50 for your next booking.

      Hope that helps to clarify.

  2. They certainly have been aggressive in trying to gain mind share. I used the $85 codes to book the Holiday Inn in Seattle for FTU. The booking process is definitely simple! So far so good.

  3. $200/night in Wall St on a Friday night is a good deal?

  4. ..and like Jerry said, it’s a little misleading, I mean I could say “$1000 off hotel stays!!!!” (small font: you just need to spend $200 on 20 separate stays)

  5. Points Pixie says:

    Shawn – Glad it worked for you!

    Cogswell – I suppose I could have titled the post “$85 off one $200 stay and $50 off your next $200 stay for a total of $135 off 2 $200 stays.” 😉

  6. Yes that would be clearer! Or you could point out that you can always get perfectly decent last minute hotels in NYC for $100-150/night 🙂

  7. bummer, TravelPony is not on my island but thanks for the tip! I’m looking for a hotel for an upcoming half marathon with some friends.

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