Neiman Marcus gift cards arriving from Amex deal – check your email!

Back in December, Neiman Marcus partnered with American Express to offer a very nice deal. The end result of the deal was that you could spend $200 at Neiman Marcus and get a $50 discount, a $50 gift card, and 1,700 Ultimate Rewards points. (If you are curious about this random combination of goodies, you can read this post for details).

Anyway, the gift cards seemed to be taking a very long time to show up. As of yesterday, I still hadn’t received mine. I made a note to contact Neiman Marcus, but I wasn’t looking forward to unraveling the situation, so I put it off.

However, when I opened my email this morning, look what was waiting for me:

neiman marcus gift card


If you also got in on this deal, make sure to scan your email accounts for an email from Neiman Marcus with the subject heading, “Your GIFT CARD is here!”

Seems like that took forever, but better late than never!

Did your gift card arrive yet?



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