12 Airport Lounge Passes for $20

While I love traveling, I really don’t love airports: people are stressed, tired, and generally not at their best.  Before I discovered the glory of Points and Miles collecting, I would watch enviously as travelers breezed importantly into airport lounges, only to emerge refreshed and happy, as I sat amidst hundreds of loud, rude people, not daring to leave my seat for fear that I would lose it and have to hover and wait for another seat to open up.  (Yes, I have been slightly traumatized).

My point: if you aren’t a frequent flyer, you probably don’t have airport lounge access.  A good airport lounge can transform an airport experience from harrowing to pleasant.  The seats are comfortable and plentiful, the ambiance is mellow, and the drinks, snacks, and WiFi are free.  The problem, however, is that lounge access usually comes at a (hefty) price: the going rate is $50 for a day pass.

With this deal, you can sign up for an annual SkyGuide membership for only $20.  Membership earns you 12 lounge visits per calendar year, which is a $600 value.  The way it works is that you purchase lounge passes online before you plan to travel, then complete a reimbursement form and send in your receipts to SkyGuide.  Reimbursement checks arrive in your mailbox in about a month.

And you are sitting pretty.

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