$69 worth of free gas from Giant.

This is a great deal for those who live near a Giant store. From February 9 – February 22, Giant is running a 5x Bonus Gas Card Points promo for gift card purchases. For every $100 you spend on gift cards, you get $.50 off per gallon on gas – up to 30 gallons. This savings can get you $69 worth of free gas!

UPDATE – It appears that February 20 was the last day for this deal!

In order to maximize this deal, you need to purchase a $500 MasterCard gift card.

How does the deal work?

  1. Buy $500 MasterCard + pay $5.95 Activation Fee for a total of $505.95
  2. Earn $75.00 in gas ($.50 per gallon x 5 = $2.50 off per gallon. Multiply $2.50 x 30 and you get $75)
  3. Get $69.05 worth of free gas! ($75 minus the gift card fee of $5.95).

You could also buy $500 worth of store gift cards (Macy’s, itunes, etc.) that do not have an activation fee.

Note: see the comments section below for some tips on how to maximize this deal and possibly get more than $69 of free gas.

Note that the promo limit of $2.50 per gallon and the Gas Rewards program limit of $2.20 per gallon are different. I assume that any gas points you do not use will stay on your card for use next time, so you would get $2.20 off per gallon on one fill up, then $.30 per gallon off on your second. (According to one reader, once you fill up, all bonus points are gone. However, according to another reader, extra points stay on your card for next time…so YMMV!)

Also, it seems you can only max out the $2.20 off per gallon during ONE FILL UP. If this is the case, one way to work around this would be to bring two cars (yours and a spouse’s, or yours and a friend’s) to the pump, and don’t replace the handle of the pump before moving to the second car. (According to one reader, you cannot split this transaction into two cars, but another reader describes how she makes this work in the comments below, so again, YMMV.)

What/where is Giant?

Giant Food Stores is a supermarket chain that operates stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia under the names of Giant and Martin’s.

You can find a list of Giants here and here.

What are Giant Gas Rewards?

Click here for an informative video.

giant gas

More details

  • Fuel savings are limited to 35 gallons of fuel per vehicle per purchase.
  • Total discount cannot exceed price per gallon.
  • Limit of 2,200 points may be redeemed with any fill up.
  • Earned points are available for redemption within 24 hours.
  • Offers available at Giant or participating Shell locations.
  • Giant Gas Rewards points will expire 30 days from date of issuance.

I live in California, so I’ll be missing out on this one – but my motto is that deals are like busses…another is always right around the corner.

Will you be getting in on this deal?



  1. This sounds great – questions though: Is Stop’N’Shop the NJ location? Are they affiliated with Giant? I don’t recall seeing a Giant near me, but the logo looks like our Stop N Shop.

    Is this a gas voucher, coupon, gift card? Kmart had a similar promo that printed out a voucher for 30 cents off of a gallon (up to 10), but it was only valid at Sunoco stations and had a 2 week expiration… I never ended up using them.

    • Just saw the same ad on page #7 of our local stop and shop’s weekly circular.

      • Points Pixie says

        Neal – would you mind sharing a list of eligible gift cards? Thanks so much!

        • Pixie- Saw the circular online and its really small. Need to wait until I get home. But from the circular I can definitely see a picture of a master card gift card. I am pretty sure that is the one most people are looking for.

    • Points Pixie says

      Angelina – I’ve got answers! You can check the links in my post above to find the Giant stores in your area.

      From watching the informational video, it sounds like rewards points are loaded directly onto your Giant card. Points can be used at Shell stations and are good for 30 days.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Your screenshots indicates that one can get maximum of $2.20 off per gallon, not $2.50.

    • Points Pixie says

      Heffa – I assume that the remaining points would still be on your card, though, so you could use them in the future for another fill up. In other words, you could get $2.20 off per gallon for your first fill-up, then .$30 off per gallon for your next fill up. Please correct me if I’m wrong about this!

  3. I think it’s important to point out that it’s only $69 worth if your car needs that much gas in ONE FILL UP. Otherwise, AFAIK you can’t split it into two different cars and/or fill ups.

  4. You earn gas points in Giant only buying store gift cards (not Visa or Master).

    • Points Pixie says

      Lucy – From the info I read, MasterCard, Macy’s, Sephora, Regal Cinema and itunes cards were counted toward this promo. There may be more.

  5. Bummer, no Giant near me. This sounds like a fantastic deal

  6. Takhliq Khan says

    I can also confirm that gas points are not earned on Visa gift card purchases in Northern Virginia.

  7. I got excited for a minute, then remembered there are two different supermarket chains entitled ‘Giant’ — Doh, I have the wrong one near me (Philly).




    On to the next one.

  8. Thanks for the tip! I shop at Giant on a regular basis and would have missed this but for your post. My husband and I each just bought 500 MasterCard cards. We received 2500 gas points for the first card, but nothing for the second. That was just fine, we are both working on meeting the 10,000 for the new American cards and need to do some MS spending anyway.. Also, when we have time, we drive to the gas station together and my husband fills up both cars from the same nozzle. We just park on opposite sides. And we use Shell cards from Staples. Our next fill up will be a bargain!

  9. Follow up on my post above. Points Pixie — Perhaps add some of the following if you’d like to your original post:

    So there are two different companies ‘Giant of Maryland, LLC” (hereafter “Giant 1”) and “Giant Food Stores, LLC” (hereafter “Giant 2”)

    I went to the website for Giant 2 that is near me (Philadelphia) and randomly noticed the logo for Giant 1 somewhere on the site. So I went to grab the ad that came in the mail yesterday for Giant 2. There is a 5X Gas Points promo, exactly the same as Giant 1 is running at Giant 2! (second to last page) and the Gas Rewards for both Giant 1 and Giant 2 have the same terms you mentioned above.

    However, both sites have different store locators that do not overlap stores or gas stations. Interesting!

    So It does seem like I will be able to get in on this deal ! Thanks 🙂

  10. Once you fill up all bonus points are gone. Not sure buying $500 at once makes sense unless your vehicle holds that much gas. I use Giant gas points a ton and never see a balance, it always goes to zero after a fill.

  11. Points Pixie says

    MIlap – Wow, that makes my head spin. Great detective work! Thanks for adding such great details.

    Kate – From the info I read, it seems like the promo doesn’t begin until the 9th…but sounds like maybe one of your cards got 5x points anyway?

  12. I shopped at a Giant in Maryland and got this deal today, it’s definitely active now.

    Also, $2.20 is the maximum discount for gas (at least at my local Giant) so no use going over 2200 points until you fill up once, then you can start over from zero. The gas points are only good for 30 days, but you can have multiple cards per household so spouse, adult children, etc. can all have their own cards with gas points.

    No on Visa but yes to MC.

    Make sure your Giant card is registered to receive gas points (mine wasn’t). You can tell if you got the points by looking at the bottom of your receipt. If you don’t see gas reward points go to customer service and they can manually put them on your card.

    According to T&C you can only use this for ONE car for ONE fill up but use your own judgment. As has been said, as long as you don’t hang up the pump it will just register as one sale.

    To maximize this deal, buy one MC for $440 (activation fee doesn’t count for gas points) and then fill up with as much gas as you can at one time (my store has a maximum of 35 gals.). Do this as often as you can until the 22nd then one more time before the 5x deal expires leaving you with 30 days to use the remaining point balance.

    • Points Pixie says

      DCbroker – Thank you so much for the awesome, detailed info! Your approach makes the deal even better.

      • I know many have figured out how to maximize this promotion already but I feel bad having posted some misinformation above so I’d like to edit my comment while there’s still time to take advantage of this.

        Again, I live in Maryland so other locations may have different rules but here the promotion is only good until Feb 20 NOT Feb 22 as I suggested above. Also, gas points do not reset to zero after a fill up. That means if you bought a $500 card (as Kendra originally suggested) you would have 2500 gas points and after one fill up (with a maximum discount of $2.20 here) you would have 300 gas points available.

        This means there’s no reason not to buy several $500 cards between fill ups as the points will remain on the card until 30 days after purchase.

        With this in mind, my new advice is to figure out how many times you could possibly want to fill up in a 30 day period. (For my family that’s about eight times.) Then, multiply that number by 2200 (or the maximum gas discount in your area). Divide that number by 2500 (the number of points for a $500 card) and buy that many cards before the promotion ends.

        For my family the math works out like this:
        8 fill ups x 2200 gas points used per fill up = 17,600
        17,600 points / 2500 points per $500 card = 7.04

        So I will buy 7 x $500 cards and get 100 points from other grocery purchases to reach my 17,600 point total. Then every time I buy gas for the next month I will get $2.20 off each gallon.

        Even if I only use 20 of the maximum 35 gallons per fill up (which is more realistic for me) I’ll still save $44 per fill up (or $38 after deducting the cost of the card). If I fill up 8 times over the next month that adds up to over $300 in savings.

        Not too bad. Thanks for posting this deal, Kendra.

    • DCbroker– have you found a Giant in Maryland that allows you to buy the MC gift card using a credit card? Thanks for the tips!

      • Tina, you should be able to pay with credit card at all Giant’s. I have not had any problems at any grocery store (Giant, Safeway, Whole Foods, Wegman). To ease it, you could buy some groceries or similar and add the GC at the end.

  13. The Giant Food stores near Philly don’t sell $ 500 gift cards i

  14. Every area must be a little different. At my Giant in PA there is no $2.20/gal limit. I can get completely free gas and I have done this several times. The points are cumulative and stay on your account until the expiration date stated. We have a 30 gallon limit and sometimes fill 5-gallon cans but I love Kate’s idea about 2 cars on opposite sides of the pump. Always something new to learn! Lucky for us my car fills up on the right side and husband’s on the left.

    • Our Giant in PA sounds like Claire’s. We are in central PA.
      There is no limit on gas other than “up to 30 gal. at a time” & many weeks by shopping with the deals where you need to purchase x amount of item in a certain group of products, we earn gas points much faster.

      There is a one car limit, and that rule is listed are every receipt. The Giants we shop are strict with that and once let my husband know when he tried to put gas in both our vehicles w/out hanging up the pump.
      What they have not said he couldn’t do was to fill a gas can or two. (Though my guess is that soon there will be a rule against that.) Btw, he will only do this when he is driving alone (w/out me or any of our kids in the car) because driving w/gas cans carries some danger should there be an accident.

      Also, as far as gas points clearing out, ours do not. When you start your transaction, it will ask you if you want to use some or all of your points. Therefor, when we earn more dollars off per gal than what a gallon costs (yes, we’ve done that often!), we use enough to get free gas and then any remaining points on the next fill up.

  15. The 30 gallon limit was not enforced at my shell (tho the 2.20 discount limit was). YMMV.

  16. Points Pixie says

    Claire – Thanks for the data points!

    Jonathan – thank you, too! 🙂

  17. Thanks for this deal. I bought $500 MC in my local giant(MD). Enjoyed the $2.2 discount per gallon. I will probably buy 2-3 more gift cards before 2/22 as the points stay on your account for 30 days.
    Thanks again.

  18. According to the circular, the period is between 14th-20th Feb.
    How did you find the period between 9th-22nd Feb?

    • Today is the last day. I just loaded up my account and have 5500 points to use the next thirty days. In Northern Virginia you can redeem $2.20 each time until points drain up.

  19. Forgot to mention, but the in-store display showed today 2/20 as last day.

  20. I bought one today 02/21 assuming that 02/22 was the last date. No points posted this time. But I am still glad I had used this offer once.

  21. giant has a 3X offer for visa and mastercard gift cards this week.

    • Anyone knows how many points one can have maximum? Last promotion time, I had 6600 points at one point.

  22. Today is last day at Giants for 3x points. I have a 13k points balance.

  23. hi, does this still working?


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