70% off at Gap today with stackable savings.

It’s time for another Gap stock-up! These savings are good for both regular and sale-priced items, so it’s a great way to get basics for a deep discount, or snap up something fabulous for a steal.

I’m thinking about this Luxlight cardigan. It would be a perfect layering piece for Spring.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 7.44.11 PM

Priced at $45, after the 70% discount each sweater would be an insane $13.50!

Here’s how to do it.

1. Start at Ebates for a 5% rebate. You can also go through the Ultimate Rewards mall to earn 5x UR points, or select another shopping portal of your choice.

2. Once you are on the Gap site, sign up to receive Gap emails. You will need to use an email address that is not already registered with Gap. Once you sign up, you will instantly receive a 25% off code. When you finish shopping, use this code to take 25% off everything in your basket.

Then use the code DEALFORU to save an additional 40% off men’s and women’s styles today (February 19). The code also gives 35% off kids and baby styles.

The total stacked value of these two codes is 50-55% off your total purchase.

3. You can save another 10% if you pay with Gap e-gift cards from Cardpool. When I checked just now, they had 59 of these available!

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 9.06.22 PM

This is amazing because these are normally sold out…so if you want one, act fast.

Stacking all three of these discounts will yield a 70% discount.


Note that DEALFORU code is not valid on the following Gap merchandise: Jeans, Premium Pants, Leather and Suede Apparel and Bags, Playtime Favorites, Kids and Baby Sleepwear, Kid’s Uniforms, Women’s Underwear, Baby Organic, First Favorites, Playtime First Fun, Paddington Bear, Junk Food, Star Wars, Tailgate, Threadless, Minnetonka, NuBra, and GQ.



  1. Your math is off a bit here. Percentage discounts don’t add like you are suggesting.
    You’re saying you can get 5, 25, 40 and 10% stacked. The way to figure out your total discount is by multiplying the percentages that you pay for the item.
    For example :
    5% off you pay 95% or 0.95
    25% off you pay 75 0.75
    So, 0.95×0.75×0.60×0.90 = 0.38475
    You pay 38.475% for the items for a 61.525% discount.
    Your $45 sweater will cost you $17.31, not $13.50.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Mike – The way I arrived at the 70% discount was that the 25% and 40% stack for a total of 55% (0.25 x 0.40 = 0.55, as you outlined above). The 10% and the 5% are each from different sources so each come off the total amount separately. So they add instead of stacking.

      In other words…

      55% off the total + 5% off the total + 10% off the total.


      • If you use Mike’s example of a $45 sweater (and assume no tax), you would need to pay $20.25 somehow ($45 x 0.75 x 0.60 from the two discount codes).

        First you would buy $20.25 in gift cards from cardpool. This would only cost $18.23 ($20.25 x 0.9 from that discount).

        Lastly, you would earn 5% off your purchase. Your purchase would be defined as the $20.25 spent at Gap. That would mean you receive a refund of $1.01 ($20.25 x 5%).

        Your total cash outlay would be $18.23 – $1.01, or $17.22. The original price of the item would be $45. This means that you saved (1 – $17.22/$45), or 61.7%.

        Your total discount would be closer to 62% instead of 70%. The key difference is that the 5% from Ebates is not off the original $45 but instead off the price after coupons are applied.

        • Points Pixie says:

          Chris – You are a math god. Thank you for the super clear and detailed explanation. I stand both corrected and informed. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this info! I was just able to stack the 25% and the 40%. I had $20 in Gap Rewards, so I used those too. I only saw 2% on Ebates and 3x UR though. When I first clicked on UR it was 5x and then when it redirected it said 3x….guess we’ll see! Either way I was able to get 3 mens sweaters for about $11 each…score!

  3. Thanks for posting this! Now hopefully Gap will send me the 25% off coupon! Also, you can 2% back for your Cardpool order when you go through Shop at Home 🙂

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