A Japanese drugstore dud.

One of the things I love about traveling to different countries is finding strange and interesting drugstore products I’ve never seen before in the states.

Since I often can’t read the language, I usually have to rely on pictures and photos to determine what to do with the products. From the picture, this Japanese drugstore find looked really good. It seemed like these would heat up my feet with bamboo and ginger, which I thought would be perfect after a day of walking through Tokyo streets.


I could hardly wait to try them. I opened the package as soon as we got back to the hotel. Here’s what was inside.
IMG_3802I followed the instructions on the package and got ready for the heating action.


I waited for awhile, but didn’t feel anything. I wondered if I was doing something wrong. Finally I hopped online and tried to figure out what these things were and how to use them…and I discovered that my exciting self-heating foot pads were actually “detox foot pads.”

They are supposed to rid your body of toxins while you sleep. Aha – that explains the moon in the upper left-hand corner of the package, and also the strange brown square on the back side.

Boo! I just bought a total dud of a product. Guess I’ll have to keep trying…

What’s your favorite international drugstore find? Have you ever bought any total duds by mistake?



  1. While i was in japan with my wife i bought Shampoo instead of cream. 😛 google translate failed me that time since i came back to the store to get the actual cream and showed the translated word to the clerk…. oh well it happens lol

  2. Buy some foot peeling masks, face masks, eye patches, lip patches and finger masks.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Ang – I got the foot peeling mask and eye patches!! LOVE THEM!!

      What do the face masks, lip patches and finger masks do?

      • I love the face masks! I usually use it twice a week and my skin is really soft. They usually come in one sheet and come in a box of 5 or you can buy individual ones. They are all over Japan. It’s somewhat a do it yourself facial at home and comes in a variety of options.

        check out this link http://www.xovain.com/#!/skin/five-korean-sheet-masks-for-face-and-fingers

        The face mask they have in this link is different since it comes in two pieces, they are usually one piece.

        I’ve never tried the lip patch or finger masks, but my friends tell me the lip patch helps to prevent chapped lips and the finger masks helps to prevent cuticles.

  3. Alison Heafey says:

    That’s what I thought they were! Why not use them to pull out the toxins? Can’t hurt?!

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