A little Neiman Marcus alchemy.

I’m not really a Neiman Marcus shopper. Don’t get me wrong – I can covet a Chloe bag with the best of them – but most of the time NM’s luxury prices are way over my budget.


Every so often, a nice little deal comes along that creates a situation where shopping at Neiman’s MIGHT be worth it (as in, you will actually save some cash). Depending on what you buy, this is one of those times. The reason is that many rarely-discounted items are included in the current savings. For example, I love Clarins products, but once I buy them, I make them last forever because they are so dang expensive…and they rarely (never!) go on sale. However, I’m about to stock up, because they are included in this deal!

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 1.50.03 PM

So the tip here is to check to see if anything on your luxury wish-list is available and included. If it is, this could be a good deal for you. (Note that these stackable savings end TODAY, December 17).

Here’s the action, in case you want in:

1. Sync your Amex card and get $50 back when you spend $200. In case you don’t know how to do this, you can read my posts here and here on the topic.

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 11.53.19 AM

2. Go through the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall to earn 7x points on your Neiman’s purchase. 1,400 points! Woo hoo! (If you don’t have a card that earns UR points, check through the ev’reward or ebates sites to see what you can find – but don’t skip this step or you are leaving money on the table!)

3. Shop at Neiman Marcus. Pay with your synced Amex card. Use code BONUS at check out. You will earn a $50 Neiman Marcus gift card.

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 11.52.23 AM

So, at the end of your transaction, you will have:

  • The items you ordered
  • A $50 discount
  • A $50 gift card
  • 1,700 Ultimate Rewards points

I’m very happy with my discounted Clarins items. Did you find any good deals?




  1. Can I still go through the Chase portal if I dont use a Chase card?

  2. does this code give free shipping or do you have to pay addtl for shipping? thx for the info!!

  3. Love this tip, thank you!

  4. i got it and am going to try it but waht do i tweet? #neimanmarcus????

    • Points Pixie says:

      Margiec – It’s #amexneimanmarcus. Just make sure you get a tweet back confirming your enrollment! Alternately, you can get the offer via Facebook or through your Amex account.

  5. Can you use that gift card at last call stores? That would be awesome !

  6. Yes you can use it at lastcall stores. I did it last month for the flexperks NM Gcs

  7. Tried to find NM offer on my husband’s card and it was not listed. So decided to try my AMEX card and there was Neiman Marcus. So Linked it and placed my Clarins order for $222 which which qualified for a Clarins bonus for an Clarin’s order over $50. When time to check out there was no opportunity to enter a bonus code. I however did not tweet or FB, but did it direct on NM website. Contacted chat person who said the $50 gift card was an online bonus but she would have to send my request to her supervisor to take care of, plus the including of the bonus Clarin product. Just a FYI and will let you know what happens. Have never used Clarins. The oil you pictured is on back order so must be a run on it by your readers. Also, I don’t have an ultimate reward card, but one site noted I could get 6 AA points per dollar, hope it works.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Dorinda – Sounds like you maximized this deal to the fullest!! I wonder why the spot to enter the bonus code didn’t show up for you. Good idea to use the chat feature. They’ve got great customer service so I would imagine that this gets handled well.

  8. I bought a new pair of UGG boots, and I have to admit they are amazing! (I never really thought I was an UGG boot type of girl before, but I’m obsessed with them now). Between the $50 off 200 and the gift card which I intend to sell, they were almost 50% off! I’m happy 🙂

    • I ordered eligible products (Marc Jacobs perfume and some makeup) and used the code Bonus- when I placed the order didn’t show anywhere that I would receive the $50 gift card although the confirmation did show the code “bonus” – did anyone receive a confirmation w/ their order that showed the gift card- also I haven’t rec’d a confirmation from Amex although I am enrolled in the offer… fingers crossed..

      • Points Pixie says:

        Beth – My order was exactly the same – confirmation on the NM site showed code “bonus” and also haven’t received official Amex confirmation email. I feel pretty confident about it because the Amex offer was confirmed in my “Offers for you/My offers” section. So hopefully your order is similar!

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