Amazing Deal Alert! 40% off MOST Hotel Rooms Everywhere!

As with many deals in the world of Points and Miles, this is an insane deal that won’t last long.  I just booked several hotel stays and saved thousands of dollars.

This Slick Deals thread has the details, but essentially you can save 40% off most hotel bookings by going through USAA to one of their member companies, Explore Cruise and Travel.  Anyone can join USAA – you don’t need to be a member of the military – and once you are a member you can access the deal.

When I was browsing on the Explore Cruise and Travel site, I saw a wide variety of hotels displayed.  Many luxury or rarely-discounted hotels such as the Disney Resorts at Disney World and Four Seasons properties across the country were showing up.  Once I entered the USAA discount code, the rates were jaw-dropping.  Since these hotels do not have loyalty programs where you can earn and use points, it is always very exciting when you can find a discounted rate…and this is a HUGE discount!

Check it out!  Hope you save big!

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