Amazing deal alert: 90% off luxury brands!

Drop everything. I mean it.

Right now, you can get a designer piece (or two, or three!) for almost free from Twice, which is a concierge-style online marketplace for secondhand fashion.

I just scooped up this cropped Theory cape for $5. Yes, five dollars. This is a piece that retailed for $250.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 5.56.09 PM


Here’s how to do it yourself:

1. Sign up using a friend’s referral link to get $10 off your first purchase. Here is my link if you’d like to use it (thanks!).

2. After you sign up and have an account, download the app to get another $10 in store credit.


3. Shop for items that total at least $49 to get free shipping.

4. Use code FIRSTPURCHASE50 to get 50% off your total. The discount will be taken BEFORE your credit is used, which means that you can get an incredible deal.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 5.53.56 PM

After finding this deal and shopping at Twice, I’m super excited about returning! What a great idea. Here’s how it works:

Sellers send in items from their closet, Twice buys the items upfront, and then professionally photographs the items and lists them for sale. By leveraging this unique model, Twice offers a like-new shopping experience to buyers, with trustworthy descriptions, same-day shipping, free returns, and speedy customer service.

I’m sold. How about you?



  1. Pinkisnice says

    I’m sold. And check this out: I downloaded the app on my phone and my iPad and got $10 both times. Plus your referral link and I’ve got $30 to spend. Thank you!

  2. Loved it Kendra. Bought 4 pretty items for 27.00.

  3. What an awesome find! Unfortunately, they don’t have an Android app 🙁

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! I was able to apply the $20 credit and the 50% off so I got a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans, an Anthropologie skirt, and a Gap top for less than $30 plus free shipping. Also requested a bag so I can send in some of my stuff to see if the selling process works as easily as the purchase went. Amazing!! I’ll be sharing with my readers too.

    • Points Pixie says

      Kristen – Great finds! I’m going to sell a few things as well. Easier than schlepping everything to Crossroads for sure.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this! I ordered the other day and thanks to your reader’s tip, I was able to get a total of $30 credit! I bought a shirt from Ann Taylor Loft, some pants from Polo Ralph Lauren, and a sweater from J. Crew. The pre discount price (if I would have paid their suggested full retail) was around $290. After my credit and the 50% coupon code, I was able to get all three items for $2.90! Nothing like a 99% discount!

    I shared it with my friends and now I’m getting more credits! I hope you can find something fun to use that $10 on from me using your referral link! Thanks for your fun blog!

  6. Laura W. says

    You know me, not much of a shopper, but you’ll be pleased to hear that I still have the receipt from our epic Esprit outlet trip December 30, 1986. I totaled up at $214.00 but after our coupons and their in-store sale I paid $70. That was a serious chunk of change for a just-graduated high schooler. Sigh…that was my last really great shopping trip.

  7. Hi! Your referral link is giving me an error message. You you revise it?


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