Amazing Disneyland Deal – Prepaid Photopass+

Because our trip to Disneyland is just around the corner, the kids and I were looking at photos from the first time we went to the Park, back when Bear was 3 and Bird was 5.  Bear was super embarrassed because we got a ton of pics of him with all the princesses (he looovveed him some princesses back in the day!).  We had done Photopass, so we had a lot of special effects photos, which the kids especially loved.

If you’ve visited a Disney resort within the last few years, you may already know about Photopass, which is a very Disney way to capture family photos while you are at the park.  The way it works is that Disney photographers amble through the park, taking photos of guests at classic photo spots such as in front of Cinderella’s Castle or by the Flagpole on Main Street.  Sometimes you can get pics with special effects that appear when you view the shot online…such as if you held out your (empty) hand when the photographer snapped the picture, it would appear that you were holding Tinkerbell, or if you brandished a lightsaber it would look like you were dueling to the death with Darth Vader.








There are also photo ops available at Character Meals, and action shots on some rides.

Once you return from your trip, you can edit your photos on the Photopass website and add borders and other graphic elements.  You can also upload your own photos to use.  You’ve got 30 days to edit your photos, then you order a Photo CD which is sent to you through the mail.

As you can imagine, the cost of all this adds up.  If you purchased a Photopass CD separately, it would set you back $70.  Each print package from a character meal costs $33.  And a single ride photo is $15.

So the potential savings is huge!

So if you are headed to Disneyland within the next few months, be sure to consider this amazing deal.  For $70 (the cost of the CD alone) you get photos from around the park, all the character meals you care to enjoy, plus all the ride photos you want.









**Note that you need to order in advance of your trip because it takes a couple of weeks to receive your voucher in the mail.

I just ordered mine today for our trip to Disneyland this Fall 🙂  The kids are especially excited about the ride photos.

What about you?  Will you be taking advantage of this special offer?

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