Amazon Payments – dead after October 13.

For years, Amazon Payments has been a way to conveniently pay other people online. The best thing about Amazon Payments is that you could use a credit card to fund up to $1,000 in payments per month. This was an easy way to earn points and miles as you paid the babystitter. Or whoever.

Sadly, this fabulous feature of Amazon Payments is now coming to an end.

A few minutes ago, my Twitter feed began to light up with Tweets about “the end of Amazon payments” and “RIP Amazon.”

Sure enough, here’s the scoop:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 3.22.09 PM

So, if you’ve been using Amazon Payments, you’ve got two last chances – September and October. Then it’s over!

A sad day indeed.


  1. Time to abuse this to the max. No more risk of being shut down!

  2. Noooo!!!! I think I am going to need to go on antidepressants after this week! No more cash back for Amex gc’s, then I go to my ol’ faithful simon mall who said they just got a memo saying that they can’t take amex gc’s anymore to buy VGCs, and I am sitting on $5k that I need to liquidate, and now AP!!! I need to go find a paper bag to breathe into STAT!!!

  3. What happened to your series on bumpage?


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