An easy way to get 15% off at Target.

Our family is in the process of moving houses. It’s a long process, because we live in the SF Bay Area, which I think might be the most expensive, most competitive place in the world to buy a house. So, we haven’t actually found a new house yet. We’re just looking…and looking…and looking…and overbidding like crazy and getting outbid by people who have all-cash offers. Mmm-hmmm. It’s super fun.

Anyway, as part of the process, we need to move out of the house we currently live in – perhaps before we’re quite ready to move. It’s a little bit stressful, so I’ve started looking into things I can do ahead of time to alleviate some of the moving parts, and in the process, I stumbled across this little gem.

Did you know that if you pay $1.09, you can get your mail forwarded to another location for six months?

I know…unless you’re also moving, you probably don’t care.

However, in the process, you get to choose a bunch of goodies…

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 7.35.38 PM

Clearly some of these discounts are more valuable than others. My personal favorite is that 10% off at Target. If you pair this with a Target debit card or other Target card that offers 5% off at Target, you’ll get a nice 15% discount.

Not bad for a $1.09 outlay. While gift cards are excluded, there are always other things to buy at Target. 😉

Enjoy! Hope some of you can use this.


  1. AlohaDaveKennedy says:

    Good luck finding new digs. Pretty much everything in the Miami area is cash and carry these days. Can’t imagine where all our condo buyers got so much cash.

  2. Is that how Target does the math? Or is it 10% off then 5% off, which of course, does not equal 15% off.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Quad4x – since the discounts are from different vehicles (one is from an internal card, one is from an outside coupon), in my experience they truly do stack, which provides the full discount. Please let me know if you’ve had a different experience!

  3. i THOUGHT mail forwarding was free for A YEAR…I do recall when we moved 2 years ago I got some great coupons for lowes, home depot, etc..but I definitley didnt pay for it and it was for a year!

  4. pinkisnice says:

    I bought a couch from Crate and Barrel last year – without a coupon because they claim not to have them and I couldn’t find one anywhere. (Except from someone on craigslist who in the end couldn’t produce the coupon, but luckily, he didn’t have my money yet!) In any case, shortly after buying it, my cousin moved and got a C&B coupon with his mail forwarding pack. It saved me $500! Wishing you good vibes on house hunting. It will be.

  5. Too bad you can’t just leave SF for somewhere affordable. I am over it….SF is nice but not THAT nice.

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