Another surprise from Holiday Inn.

I’m in Seattle this weekend with my friend Hottie. We spent last night at the Holiday Inn Express Sea-Tac. It was our third night of hotel hopping, and if I’m being honest, I would have to say that it was the night I was least looking forward to…but it ended up being the night I was most surprised by.

Our stay began on a positive note, as we got upgraded to a Queen Suite, which was clean and comfortable, with tons of space. While the room was in need of a cosmetic refresh, it was clear that housekeeping does an excellent job at this property, as everything was spic and span.

I would absolutely recommend this hotel. It was a clean, comfortable night at a very good price. Breakfast is included, parking is free, and it’s really close to the airport.

Because we were in a suite, there was a kitchen area with a full-size fridge, an oven, and a microwave.

photo (1)

There was also a small sitting area with a TV and a desk. It was a little odd that there was no dining area, since there was a kitchen, but there were definitely plenty of seating options in case you were going to eat a meal in your room and wanted to sit down for it.

photo (2)

However, the biggest surprise were the beds. They were incredibly comfortable. The blankets were fluffy, there was an assortment of pillows (firm, soft, foam, and feather), and the sheets were really cozy.

photo (3)

We had a really restful night’s sleep here. It wasn’t fancy – in fact, it was kind of like spending the night at a friend’s house – but it was so comfortable that I was really surprised. When you think about it, the bed might be the most important thing about a hotel room; other aspects of a hotel stay can be enjoyable, beautiful, or delicious, but if you can’t snuggle into a soft, cozy bed in a clean, quiet room at the end of the night, do those other things really matter?

Holiday Inn: I’m impressed. Yes, things seem a little “hit or miss” from hotel to hotel, and I probably wouldn’t choose this location if I planned to stay for more than a night or two, but for the price, it was a solid choice, and I’m glad we stayed there. The bed was one of the more comfortable hotel beds I’ve experienced, which was so unexpected.

It was nice to be surprised.

What hotel beds have been the most comfortable in your travels? Any surprises for you?



  1. I was in a NC Holiday Inn (or Express). They upgraded me to a suite with kitchenette. The living room/kitchenette was a seperate room and included a dining room table. It seemed newly remodeled and clean. I could have lived there for a while.

  2. Yeei! I’m really glad to hear of your once again, positive experience. It’s strange, because at all the HI that I’ve stayed at, there is an assortment of firm and soft pillows (with their appropriate tags) .. But then again, it’s been mostly internationally. Either way, I am pleased to hear you had a nice upgrade, and more importanly, a great time at the Frieddies.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Diego – Thanks! Good to know that international HI’s also have assortments of pillows. I always like to know what to expect, if possible.

  3. A Queen Suite? Was is it fit for a FirstClassQueen?

  4. I am suffering from whiplash from reading your Holiday Inn experiences.

  5. DaninSTL says:

    The Radisson’s that still have sleep number beds are the best to me.

  6. The headboard appears to be the new style. That said, I stayed in the LAX Holiday Inn and it had the new style furniture and fixtures but the dresser was missing handles, and the wood under the sink looked really worn. There were also a couple big black hairs on one of the pillows. I mentioned this to the front desk when I went to return my keys, and the front desk agent was sympathetic and said she would deposit some points in my IHG Rewards account. Although the points never posted, this was a best rate guarantee stay that they reimbursed (and qualified as a Big Win stay) so I didn’t follow up.

    This wasn’t the greatest stay, but Holiday Inn properties seem to do a decent job most of the time — but I probably won’t be returning to the Holiday Inn LAX!

    • Points Pixie says:

      Hua – Ew! Well, glad it was a free stay for you.

      Someone shared their worst hotel story with me this weekend and I could hardly believe it – graffiti (!!) on the hotel wall, wet carpet, and dirty bedspreads. The crazy part is that she stayed there anyway – and not for the points!

  7. I was in a Holiday Inn in Singapore a couple of months back and had one of the most amazing stays ever – pleasantly surprised too! Albeit being rather dated, the team there was amazing and the platinum benefits were great too!

    Full review here (if anyone has some time):

  8. I stayed at the Seatac HI Express in December 2013.

    The General Manager was really nice and took very good care of us with a nice upgrade to a suite as well. I’d rather stay there over the Seatac Marriott!!!

    I saw you today @ FTU in the lobby but didn’t get to introduce myself, sorry.

  9. As far as chains go we generally do the Marriott. Mostly we are just in and out and rarely care very much about rooms as we are in them so little. I have to say that Marriott has some of the best beds I have ever slept on. Apparently they are so popular they even have a website from which they can be purchased.

    • Points Pixie says:

      Anne – The absolute best hotel bed I ever slept on was also at a Marriott. It was at the JW Marquis in Miami. Everything about it was incredible. I went online to see if I could buy the sheets (at least) and was shocked when they were $400!! I’ve been lusting after them ever since…one of these days they’ll go on sale 😉

  10. i might be a little lost here as I’ve been super busy event planning and just barely have been scanning the articles. are the last 3 posts about the same hotel different check ins, different holiday inns in the same area, same check in same room? or i suppose i should go re-read.

    speaking of points and pixie dust – i’ll be island hopping next week which one might think means i’ll get some nice hotel check ins! since it’s with an event, we are staying at a designated hotel – typically smaller conveniently located near our activities. in Kona is the only hotel we’ll get points for at the Courtyard Marriott better known as the (classic) King Kam hotel. shucks! will get some car rental points however.

    • ok had to figure it out 🙂
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      2 – Holiday Inn Take Two – Seattle Airport Holiday Inn – Night 1 continued at Seattle Airport Holiday Inn
      3 – Another surprise – Holiday Inn Express Sea Tac

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