Backpacking on the beach in California.

A good friend of mine has a birthday tradition of a “Ladies Backpacking Trip” in Point Reyes, California.

Point Reyes is about 30 miles away from San Francisco – a fairly short drive.

The three-mile hike to the Coast campground is gorgeous.

point reyes

The beach is classic Northern California. We were lucky enough to see a whale (sharp eyes, Erika)!

point reyesWhile the campground isn’t right on the beach, it is literally less than a two-minute walk.

point reyes

The best part is that anyone can do this. Campground reservations are really inexpensive ($20/night), and you can reserve online.

What a great weekend. Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Have you ever been to Point Reyes? Are you inspired to go? (And if you’re not in California, what are your favorite backpacking sites)?


  1. Oh well you know I’d chime in on a post about Point Reyes! I’ve hiked, camped, birded, whalewatched and even lived there. We spread some of my stepbrother’s ashes there since he had spent many summers living in Inverness. I took Mark there on our first visit to CA so I could show off our prize scenic spot. Every time I drive on Lucas Valley Road I chuckle when the really nice fenceline of Skywalker Ranch begins. The almond croissants at the Bolinas Bakery were the best I’ve ever had. I love everything about that place and I love that you went backpacking there.

    • Points Pixie says

      Laura W – Yes! It’s so classicly Northern California…the image that comes to mind when I think of “the beach.”

  2. AlohaDaveKennedy says

    An old haunt from my days as a biker in the 1970’s. Fond memory of another biker coming in and taking care of a three foot rattlesnake with just a bowie knife. That biker was a Vietnam War vet and enjoyed himself a nice dinner. Rattlesnake tastes just like legless chicken!

  3. I love walking that trail, but it never occurred to me to camp there. What a concept! I’ve been wanting to camp more, but somehow, it never seems worth the effort unless I’m traveling at least a few hours from home. Maybe it’s time to rethink that.

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