Bluefly Deal is BACK!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “Bluefly Madness!” where I detailed how to get 75% off your Bluefly purchase, sitewide.  Following my own advice, I was able to snag a Kooba bag for $105 during the fabulous madness (original retail price was $645).

The bag is, in a word, GENIUS.  Bluefly is packed with great finds!  Since then, I’ve been waiting for a similar-caliber deal to come along, but I thought we wouldn’t see another of this quality until the Thanksgiving sales.  Luckily, I was wrong.

Flash forward to this morning.  I’m semi-hallicinating because I spent the night on the fold-out couch downstairs, watching Desperate Housewives and coughing uncontrollably until 4am.  Seriously, I have some crazy respiratory plague.  I opened my computer, planning on finding my doctor’s website so I could call in to make an appointment, but evidently the universe had more important things in store for me today.

As I scrolled through my email, I noticed that reader Danielle had written in to alert other readers that the amazing Bluefly Madness had returned!  She writes, “They have some great shoes on sale right now. After using the coupon I was able to pick up a pair of LAMB pumps for only $100.”  YES!!  Right on, Danielle!!

I’m not sure if the link she shares is a referral link, but just in case it is, please use it if you want to show your appreciation for her fabulous find!  (I’m including her exact link later in this post).

Here’s how to maximize this deal and make it over-the-top incredible:

1.  Go to RetailMeNot and search for Bluefly.  Click on the link shown below ($40 off first order of $200).  Sign up as a new member.


2.  Go to The Daily Hookup (Danielle’s link!) and snag the deal pictured below.  $75 gets you $150 worth of goodies on Bluefly.













3.  Go to Ev’Reward, type in “Bluefly” and select the best option for you.  I chose to go to through the Chase UR portal, where I will earn 5x points on my purchase.

4.  Once on the Bluefly site, find something fabulous (make sure it’s at least $200 so you activate the discount).  Click over to your shopping cart, then add the code SHIP100 to layer free shipping onto your deal.  Before you go further, make sure you see the following discounts ($40 off + free shipping):


5. Now type in your Daily Hookup Voucher code.

6. Feel very smug and satisfied, because you have just SCORED.  On a $200 purchase, here’s your insider deal:

  • $200 – $75 (from Daily Hookup deal) = $125
  • $125 – $40 (from new customer deal) = $85
  • free shipping ($7.95)
  • 5x points on $85 =  425 points
So you will be able to scoop up Bluefly goodies worth $200 for $85, plus you’ll get a handful of rewards points in the bargain.

Note that the Daily Hookup deal is good until October 24 (check my math; I’m still in a semi-conscious state).

Happy shopping!  And a HUGE thanks to Danielle.  Now I’m off to the doctor.

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