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Will applying for credit cards damage my credit score?

One of the most-asked questions from beginners is, “Will applying for credit cards damage my credit score?” This is an excellent question, because there are so many factors that contribute to the answer.  To put it simply, the answer is, “No.”  But I’m sure you would like a longer explanation […]

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How to earn 100,000 American Airlines miles in just 2 clicks

UPDATE: sadly, this deal is dead.   If flying to your destination is part of your travel plan, then this post might make your day. The sign up bonus offer for both the American Airlines Personal AAdvantage AMEX and Visa cards is 50,000 miles per card or 100,000 miles for […]

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The thrill of the Chase

Hands down, Chase consistently has the most lucrative credit card bonus offers on the market.  They’ve got sign-up bonuses for cards that earn huge amounts of airline miles, cards that earn free nights at premium hotels, and cards that earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. […]

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The Disney Visa Card – Great if You’re a Very Disney Family

When I first learned about the Disney Visa card several years ago, I was super excited.  A credit card that earned Disney Rewards?  Sign me up! However, as I learned more about how to earn points and miles, and especially about the value of points earned on bank credit cards, […]

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