Dear Gilt: it’s over. I don’t like you anymore.

Dear Gilt,

My title says it all. I don’t like you anymore. This is difficult for me because we’ve had such a long and (ahem) intense relationship, but after the way you treated me today, it’s clear that you just don’t care about me like you used to.

It breaks my heart to say this, but I think I have to start shopping around.

Remember when you gave me that amazing deal on Black Friday? The cashmere scarf and hat from Portolano for a total of only $30 (retail $140)? Remember how I also got cash back from Ebates on the deal?

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 6.18.51 PM

But then you didn’t ship it. It just sat in your warehouse, lonely and forgotten…just like me. And that would have been okay, but when I called to check on this order, you just weren’t very nice. In fact, I would say you were kind of defensive.

How is it my fault that these items are now out of stock?

And while it’s great that you want to give me a refund, at this point it doesn’t do me much good. I mean, a $30 refund for a $140 gift, six days before Christmas…? Not super helpful.

But your next move…well, I hope you’re proud of yourself. Classic mind games. Um, thanks for moving my name to the top of the waiting list…and then telling me that if I want the items YOU FORGOT TO SHIP, you’re going to charge me full price.

Clearly you are trying to tell me something here. I get it. Message received. Loud and clear.

It’s over, Gilt.

We’re through.




  1. Dear Gilt – it’s you, not me.

  2. Dear Gilt,
    Your name says it all.

  3. i quit Guilty after they first came out….so many calls pulling teeth trying to get united miles to post…after so much complaining they posted a few times….not feeling guilty ever again!!

  4. I agree – Gilt has gone down hill majorly. I liked them 5 years ago when they first came out… I recently paid $175 on clothes that were too big (sent me the wrong size). Not only did I lose out on $9.95 in shipping for their mistake, their only refund option was crappy Gilt credit! Now I am stuck spending my money with them again. Not a fan…

  5. Good to know, will steer clear

  6. I loved this post for how it was written. I haven’t gotten into a relationship with Gilt thus far precisely because they always seemed just a little too precious for my style. It’s good to know I have saved myself from the heartache of a bad breakup.

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