Find. Eat. Drink. Love.

When I am at home, I have been known to forget to eat. It just seems like so much work, nothing sounds good, and I can’t be bothered. However, when I go on vacation, I will go out of my way to find a specific restaurant, then wait for over an hour to get a table. Certain friends and I (ahem, Ginger) will plan our trips around the food; everything else is secondary.

So I was delighted to find Find. Eat. Drink, a site that seemed tailor-made for me.

“Imagine if the top-tiered culinary professionals in the world got together and shared their favorite places to eat, drink and food shop all over the globe. They have. It’s called Find. Eat. Drink.”

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 11.33.01 AM

I love the premise behind the site: it’s not about the hottest or the latest; it’s about having an authentic travel experience through food and drink. The site features eating, drinking and shopping recommendations from chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, winemakers, baristas, butchers, pitmasters and food artisans.

Currently, the site features guides on only a small, random handful of cities: Charleston, New Orleans, Montreal, Portland (Maine), The Florida Keys, Amsterdam, and Santiago (Chile). While I don’t have recent dining experience in most of those place, I definitely do in New Orleans, so I was excited to take a peek at what they recommend.

The guide was great! It highlighted many of the spots we had “discovered,” plus more that we had heard about and wanted to try. Here’s a little sample:

list of nola resturantsThe site also features interesting articles about a wide array of food-related topics, plus bonus reviews of spots not featured in the comprehensive city guides. For example, I searched for “San Francisco” and found 303 results! So while the site is not intuitively organized (at least not for me), you can definitely find good info if you spend a little while searching.

One more thing that I enjoyed about the site was that they include recipes for both food and cocktails! I love re-creating recipes from my travels (when I can remember to eat, that is).

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 7.15.03 PM

I’ve bookmarked this site and will return for sure! In the past, I’ve relied on a combination of Chowhound, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Twitter. Now I’ve got a shiny new tool in my toolbox.

How do you guys discover worth-the-trek spots when you travel? Does this site look appealing to you (bad pun sort of intended)?




  1. Food is a hobby of mine and this looks fabulous! I hope they expand their areas. I will def save this site, thanks!

  2. Points Pixie says:

    Rebecca – Sure!

  3. pinkisnice says:

    My grandpa was a super picky eater, and while he and my grandma traveled the world, he said he always felt he’d missed out by not trying local cuisines. Unfortunately, I have a super limited diet due to allergies and my own brand of pickiness, but I try to challenge myself when I travel. Restaurants recommended by this group have got to be worth pushing my boundaries, so thanks!

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