Where to find gourmet street food in Paris.

There’s no question that the food in Paris is insanely delicious. I love a city where even a little 3 pm pop-in to a corner cafe will yield something like this…

paris cafe cheeseAnd turn into a festive occasion.

paris cafe wineHowever, the cost of food in Paris was equally jaw-dropping…and not in a good way. After our first couple of shocking cafe/restaurant bills, we were highly motivated to find other options that wouldn’t put such a huge dent in our wallets. Luckily, there were plenty.

The Sunday Bastille market was one of my favorites (and I just love this moody photo, with the golden angel peeking out on top)!

Sunday bastille market

There are many Sunday markets in Paris. This one was like a good-sized farmer’s market, with fresh produce, cheeses, bread, nuts and spices, and more.

bastille market fruitsIt was fun to walk around and look at all the different offerings.

bastille market cheeseThere was a lot to see and sample. You could absolutely put together quite the gourmet meal – on the cheap! – with ingredients from all of the different stalls.

bastille market sausage

The best part for us was that there were also a few vendors making food on the spot. The poulet roti (spit roasted chicken), which was bagged with a scoop of potatoes soaked in drippings, was so good that we burned our fingers as we ravenously ate it straight from the bag without forks, knives or napkins.

bastille market chickenIt was also gone before I could get a real photo. Sorry about that.

The other standout for us was the crepes. Oh la la, were they good.

bastille market crepes 2Maybe it had something to do with the amount of butter in each one?

bastille market crepes 1

We left this market feeling delightfully full and happy. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Paris.

I’d love to hear about other market experiences: they are always so interesting! Have you been to a Sunday market? Do you have a favorite to share?






  1. For us, a fresh baguette, treats from the local weekly street market and, afterwards, a Nutella or Grand Marnier crepe — what else could anyone possibly want? Ah, yes, a bottle of cheap vin du pays from a local wine store! Luckily the front desk at the hotel we usually stay at has a corkscrew and a little courtyard in which to set up our little party. The Luxembourg Gardens make a nice venue, too, give or take the wine.

  2. I too love the markets in Paris. Best of all, you can find a market most days of the week, and you can find them by Arrondissement – Sort by whichever you like – by day: http://www.parisianlocal.com/a-list-of-street-markets-in-paris-by-day-of-the-week/, by Arrondissement: http://goparis.about.com/od/shopping/a/Paris-food-markets.htm. Also a great place to buy gourmet gifts (olive oil, herbes-de-Provence, etc.).

  3. Street food in Paris is one of the simplest luxuries that one can enjoy. I had both the fortune and misfortune to study abroad there (misfortune only because as a broke college student, there were great deal of activities that we couldn’t enjoy). Therefore, we learned to scrounge for good food at cheap prices. I would definitely recommend:

    Street crepes on Rue de Montparnasse. Some of the best in the city and there are some great little sit down creperies in the area as well (Creperie du Vieux Journal being my favorite)

    Falafels on Rue des Rosiers. The most famous one is L’as du Fallafel, as recommended by Lenny Kravitz, but there are plenty of decent ones on this street if you don’t feel like the wait. Believe me though, its worth the wait.

    Bertillion Ice Cream on ile de Saint Louis. Also a well known place but this ile is a bit calmer and quieter than that one with some vaguely known church on it. Its wonderful to get a cone of ice cream or sorbet and wander its quiet streets full of gourmet shops or go sit by the Seine.

    Baguettes in the 18th Arrondisement: There is a Meilleur Baguette de Paris competition every year and the winner for the last couple of years has been in the 18th. Spring for the Baguette Traditionnel (at 25 centimes more) and some cheese from a Monoprix and you are set.

    These are just a few bits of the street food that Paris has to offer.

  4. hi! We are going next Summer. WHere can I find these markets? Just anywhere?
    I am loving your posts on Paris please keep them coming. I am so excited for our upcoming trip even though it’s next year:)

  5. oh goodness looks simply amazing!!! much better than the street food i experienced (or rather didn’t…) in Thailand.


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