Get Reimbursed For Hotel And Airline Fees With Feecation

Before I learned about Points and Miles, we would save up for months to be able to afford a family vacation.  Now that we’ve learned how to travel for (almost) free using Points and Miles, we travel much more frequently, because we only pay a fraction of the cost of our trips.  This “fraction” includes taxes (unavoidable) and fees (numerous).  I always thought that these fees were just the cost of doing business, but recently I learned that there is a way to get a fairly hefty discount on many of the fees you pay as part of a typical vacation.

It’s called Feecation, and I am really glad I found out about it.  It works like an insurance policy: you pay $17/month for a membership, and during the time you are a member, you can submit claims totaling up to $1,250/year.


They even start you off with a free 30-day trial.

For our family, this is a service that will pay for itself within a couple of vacations.  For example, for our upcoming trip to Hawaii, our resort fees will total $50/day because we’ve reserved 2 rooms each night, plus the parking fee at the resort is a whopping $30/day.  So we are already looking at $400 in fees.  Yowza!  However, if we submit claims for these fees through Feecation, we can shave $150 off that amount ($10+$10/day for resort fees, and $10/day for parking fees).

I love finding deals like this, because every dollar saved is a dollar you can use somewhere else in your life.  This is the essence of how to “live luxe for less,” and how my family is able to travel far and frequently for a fraction of the cost.

Hopefully you can use this deal as well!

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  1. Wow! I have never heard of feecation. I am going to check it out! Thanks for the tip. As a family of four, we often have many fees that go along with our stays.

    ps, so glad I found your blog!

  2. this is great!

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