Giveaway! Win a $250 Amazon gift card from goSeek.

Note: this giveaway ended March 14, 2015.


Pssst…want a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card? Read on…

A few days ago, I wrote about a new hotel search engine called goSeek.

It’s a great idea, actually. The site automates the deal-hunting process, combining the best hotel rates with additional coupons and discounts; this results in prices that are occasionally much lower than what you can find on other online travel sites.

However, as we all know, there are a ton of hotel search engines and travel deal sites out there, each one claiming to save travelers the most money and provide the deepest discounts. Over the years, there have been quite a few sites that have literally thrown money at travelers and then fizzled out because what they were doing just wasn’t sustainable.

goSeek seems to have solved this problem: their site simply does what you would do yourself, only faster and without all of the clicking around on the internet.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most elegant.

I also like goSeek’s attitude. They’re friendly and kind of humble. It’s refreshing. After I reviewed the goSeek site earlier this week, the team at goSeek reached out to me to see if I would be interested in offering one my readers a $250 gift card from Amazon in exchange for some honest feedback.

Of course I said yes. 🙂

They really want to know if what they are doing is working. What do you think?  Can you beat their prices?  What are they missing?  How could the site be improved?

The team from goSeek is listening!

If you would like to enter this giveaway, please visit the goSeek site and hunt for a hotel. Give it a test drive. Then, leave a thoughtful comment below.

Each person who leaves a genuine, helpful comment on my site will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 Amazon gift card, courtesy of goSeek.

Let’s give them some good feedback!

The deadline to enter this contest is at 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 14, 2015. One winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!


  1. Nice interface. Did a search for London and could only find “deals” outside of zone 1, but might be good alternative for smaller cities?

    • tried it on my phone. Concept is good. However, I was not able to sort or search for particular brands in an area. That would be helpful to be able to do. Also, when booking for a group and only being able to book 4 rooms is restrictive.

  2. I did a search for NYC and found hotels in the area I wanted. I like the comparison tool. I did find the search time a bit long.

  3. michelle y. says:

    It would be helpful if you could search for a specific hotel right at the beginning as opposed to just a city. Or even a hotel brand! Maybe you want to see all the prices of all the Hyatt hotels.

  4. After reading your writeup I aigned up through them. Really great site. The interface is easy to use. I played around with a couple of prospective bookings and found they had several rates lower than what i was finding through kayak and priceline. I will be using them when those possible dates become solid. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Skywardbd says:

    Searched for hotels near London Heathrow on iPhone. Couldn’t find way to narrow search to airport area, so had to wade through all London listings. No discounts on 3-4 star close-to-LHR hotels. Better deals offered on other travel sites. I’d say still a work in progress- in a crowded space…..

  6. The site has a snappy interface. The deals seem to be really good. The only issue I had was with the map function. There are green circles and blue pins. Hovering over the blue pins popped up the hotel name, but it did not for all of the green circles. Not even sure what the green circles mean. The map also would not let me drag it, even though the hand showed I could.
    That being said, the site was very simple to navigate. Nice job on that front.

  7. * The guests and room specification at the top in the search results seems to have some cosmetic issue (it’s dipped compared to the rest of the line) in Google Chrome.
    * It would be nice to be able to click on the rating stars and go right to some sort of review (tripadvisor or something)
    * For placeholders (hotels without pics), there’s just a gray box with 180×180 on it. Maybe a goSeek logo placeholder would be more appropriate?

  8. Looks kinda cool. Paris has some ok deals, but I was unable to find either of the boutique hotels I was looking for such as Vice Versa. Will reference for more stays in the future.

  9. A search for the Virgin Islands, both British and U.S., showed a very limited number of hotels compared to other engines. Other Caribbean locations showed a better inventory and displayed excellent deals.

  10. tiffany l says:

    it would be helpful if the hotel’s own website’s price was featured without having to click through. (great for best rate guarantees and providing a baseline price generally.)

  11. Denise L says:

    I have reservations at the Hilton Opera Paris over Easter weekend, so I used goSeek to compare prices. goSeek shows the property as the Concord Opera Paris which is the old name before Hilton took over last year. I doubled checked the address and it is the same property. I wondered why goSeek is showing outdated information so I search again (same dates, guests, etc) and now the hotel doesn’t show in the list at all. I find it only by searching by hotel name (outdated name)
    Also, I expected to see hundreds of hotel in Paris on the list, yet my search yielded only about 40.

  12. Plat4Life says:

    Very useful site! Compared a trip against the sites I usually use and goSeek met, or beat (usually beat), the price from the other services. I also like the ability to easily turn on/off savings types…not a senior just yet.

    One improvement I would like to see is a distance-based sort since I usually like to stay close to an address or part of town.

    I *will* be using this site on my next trip this month. Thanks for the heads-up.

  13. Kim Forman says:

    So far I like the site. I like the discounts and how easy it is to compare the hotels and options.

  14. I like the layout of the site and the ease of use when searching. I did a search for Orlando, FL since we are going there next month and wanted to check the price of the hotel I booked. However, the price wasn’t shown, instead it said “Subscriber Rate – Too low to show”. The term “Subscriber Rate” implies I possibly need to pay for a subscription to view the price, that deterred me from creating an account. It would be nice if they did a better job explaining this, perhaps just a little question mark icon I can click on with more info on what it entails to be a “Subscriber.”

  15. I used this site a few days ago when you first mentioned it to look for a hotel for next month. I was looking for a specific hotel and it took a while before that hotel popped up which was a little annoying. It would be nice if the sort option had the option of doing A-Z or maybe there is such option and I am just not seeing it? Turns out the hotel I was looking for did not have a lower price so it was all the way on the bottom of the list out of almost 200 so it was a little annoying to have to go through the entire list. Yes, I could have typed in the hotel name, but I wanted to see what my other options were so the A-Z would be nice.

  16. I just booked a few nights in Abu Dhabi prior to reading this post. I checked it out thinking I would be upset if I found lower prices. Turns out GOSEEK would be about 100% more than the deal I found on another travelsite. I will keep checking out this link to see if they have better rates.

  17. Christopher says:

    I used the site, did search for some dates I was going to be in Austin, TX. There were some properties where they could present slight discounts. But many were no better than I can current get through my chain discounts that I can leverage. I do like the interface and will use it as a check for my travel plans.

  18. Great idea, and certainly came up with a cheaper option on my upcoming Jamaica trip which deeply upsets me since I thought I did enough research! One tip would to not include senior citizen savings from the get-go as it may not be applicable to most searching your site (unless that’s the demographic you’re targeting). It would be a little disheartening if you found a cheaper price only to realize you don’t qualify for that discount. Otherwise, I’ve flagged the website, definitely going to use it in the future!

  19. Jonathan K says:


    I compared two hotels in the Washington, DC area – both major chain hotels. goSeek offered better rates in both! That’s positive. I, also, liked that the search showed type of rate such as AAA and Senior

    I did find the search process somewhat cumbersome. I would prefer to have the option to seek by hotel; hotel chain; or chain brand. Nirvana would be to search by zip code or address.

    Overall, good potential. I did sign up.

  20. I know it’s hard to do the ‘saving types’ but maybe throw in a few more generic ones like military or government employees. I’d imagine using specific corporations would nearly impossible.

  21. I did a search for Myrtle Beach, SC for the summer since I go down there frequently. I love the Coupon Rate and how it shows how it compares to the other travel sites and that feature there will make me use it as a comparison. They do a good job combining reviews and a lot of pics all on the hotel page once you click on them.

    I don’t like that you can’t see the room options, other than selecting the # of rooms. With 2 kids, we like to choose suites if they offer it.

  22. It would be helpful if i could a) search for a specific hotel, b) search by brand, and/or c) even by some type of address. Generally i think the interface is okay, just some minor enhancements would make it better.

  23. Alexis L says:

    It would be very helpful to be able to sort by location and exclude hotels for which no discounts are available. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality of the site. I’m bookmarking it now!

  24. I checked it goSeek for an upcoming trip I have, and I really liked the results. At minimum, it was a few dollars cheaper than other sites. It also pulled up some different hotels than what I was finding on and other sites. Now the only problem is choosing which one to book!

  25. i likes the selection of hotels, the discount prices and the quick search results. goSeek is a helpful new booking site! thank you

  26. I like the layout, which I found very easy to use. Like others, I wish there were options to search specific chains and to sort by distance. And if I’m going to sign up, I want the option to do it with just my email, not my Facebook or Google account.

  27. Searched for hotels in Seattle, WA and found some hotels (particularly downtown) with slight discounts. However, bigger discounts could be found for hotels near SEA-TAC.

  28. Christine says:

    I found the site relatively simple to use but a bit slow. I would like to be able to filter by brand and location in a given city. I don’t want to look through a relatively long list because I usually travel to the same cities when on business and would like to be able to locate the hotels I already know I want to stay.

  29. Hi,
    I tried a search using our family of five. Unfortunately, it kept defaulting to two rooms. I’m guessing the site isn’t set up to find a family suite at a good deal. It was very easy to use!

  30. While searching for a hotel near the Newcastle airport in the United Kingdom, I found no results for the UK typing “Newcastle” or “Newcastle Airport”. The only results were in the United States. When I typed the airport code (NCL), the location came up. How many people are going to know the airport code or think to do that? That being said, how is someone looking for a hotel in Newcastle going to find a place to stay? After clicking Search, an error occurred, and a box at the bottom right read “Oops! An error occurred while searching the best deals, please check your destination and dates and try again. We tried NCL – Newcastle Airport from 2015-03-13 to 2015-03-14”. At the second attempt, the search showed the results on the next page. Earlier I searched for the DoubleTree Newcastle Marriott and found the lowest rate for $80 on a few websites, including Agoda. shows the lowest rate as $87 and has no discounted price for this particular stay. I like the site’s simplicity but it needs some work.

  31. Wow cool site…..although I would prefer alphabetical listings, but I’m truly amazed at the savings I found- I don’t do much leisure travel but I should- thank you!!

  32. I searched for Portland, OR. for upcoming trip this summer. I liked the look of the interface, but would prefer to have the results listed by distance. The results I received had me sift through a number of hotels that were further out of town than I want to stay. I did not see a filter for distance when I looked at the bar on the left.

  33. I think that I would frequently use this site as tool to find better deals at the handful of hotels that I am familiar with and typically choose between when visiting a given city (I travel to the same places for business quite often), and I find that the site’s interface doesn’t let me zero in on those specific options as easily as I would like without wallowing through the other options in the process. Cool site though! Great idea.

  34. – It’d be nice to be see rates for “flexible dates,” give examples of how the room could be cheaper/more expensive based on other dates close to the dates you chose.

    -It’d be AWESOME to see if any discounts apply based on popular airline and hotel rewards programs.

    – Wish I could search based on an exact address, instead of just a region/city name.

  35. Kurt Hoffmann says:

    I don’t see a Help or Contact Us function anywhere obvious. I’d like to know how to reach someone if I have an issue,

  36. i like the interface but when I went to search for a hotel in the San Fernando Valley, I ended up getting hotels that were too far away from my chosen city. I know they have a map option but an ability to sort by location/proximity in the drop down would be nice too

  37. Debarshi Das says:

    All the hotels are beautifully awesome. 🙂

  38. Terry Mallooney says:

    Nice interface and great comparison of various hotels in NYC. The search time could be shorter but thats it so far. Terry

  39. I used it to search for a hotel for a wedding trip I have coming up this summer. I liked that it combined different savings methods. The only negative is it seemed to run really slowly, maybe it was just the time I tried it. I would use it again in the future

  40. Nice website. I was in a hurry when I did this, but it didn’t appear that you could provide a physical address for it to check hotels close to that proximity. It appears you could only search by city, but an added bonus for those of traveling and who do not know an area well, it would be nice to search by actual address.

  41. great additional comparative site to kayak, priceline, etc. my only problem was, as mentioned by others, the map function. not as intuitive as others, and the hovering didn’t always provide the exact information that was desired.

  42. It took a little playing around to figure out all the tools available, but I think they did a great job on the site. I was not able to find the deal that they advertised for the hotel I was looking at but the final price was still better than what I had found. That said, if I were actually booking, I would have been very disappointed to not be able to get the rate shown.
    They have great coverage in some areas and than nothing in others, I didn’t really understand that. Also, it was interesting that you could get deals at some Kimpton hotels in SF (as an example) but not others.
    Overall, I was impressed and will add this site to my toolbox.

  43. I like the sleek style of the search results. It shows a nice pic of the hotel and easy to read prices of goSeek and the competitors. I also very much like when you click on a hotel for more details, the freebie icon at the top is easy to understand set apart from the long list of amenities as it could be easy to overlook free parking or WiFi.

  44. I love your site. I’ve found a lot of your posts extremely helpful especially as a person who is considering taking make trips in the future on my own. The initial front page was slightly confusing, I was hoping that there would be titles above that would state rooms, guests, arrival date. Also, I haven’t always had the best experiences with hotels and I was wondering if a customer review feature could be added to get honest reviews about customer service.

  45. Michelle DC says:

    Loved the website. One change I would suggest would be to add a box on the map to limit the search to those shown on the map so that when I went back to the list I could narrow it down to just the ones from that neighborhood. Looking for a hotel in Manhattan is a challenge if you only want a certain neighborhood but want to see all the details in the list. Otherwise I really like it! Thanks for to letting us know about goSeek!

  46. I think the number of locations needs to increase. I tried to search for rooms in Santorini, and it wasn’t even an option. There were only a few cities listed in Greece. How am I supposed to believe I am getting a good selection of hotels if there isn’t a good selection of cities? It’s a good idea though and useful if you already know the hotel you want and you could just check here for coupons.

  47. I liked the website!
    Just a few tips. The interface needs some improvement: I find it a little confusing (maybe the choice of colors). As others have said, it would be nice to be able to search by proximity to exact address and for flexible dates . Also, I’d love to see search results filtered by hotel chain. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Veronica B. says:

    You should allow a greater browsing option, not just by dates, but by location specifically, allowing the buyer to browse average rates first.

  49. Angela A. says:

    I played around with it and searched Lahaina, HI which is where I live. I do like the layout, very clean looking. And the idea that they can find me a coupon is cool. As someone said above – being able to search specific hotel would be nice. Also they might want to add as a comparable site. I compared their searches to Kayak’s (which I always use) and found some quotes quite a bit cheaper.
    Beat Kayak’s prices and they’d have a new customer. 🙂

  50. Marilyn B says:

    Search interface is easy to use. I did some quick searches on Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, Portugal – the map function was helpful, so I could see that a lot of the hotels were not where I want to be. Also saw some “Oh snap! no discounts” but for the ones with pricing, the rates were generally lower. Also checked Rome and there were way more interesting options available. I’ve bookmarked the site for future use.

    Also nice to see you posting again, Kendra – and that you are doing some traveling. Hope that means things have settled down both in the new job and at home.

  51. I searched for hotels locally the weekend of my husband’s birthday and found a great deal on a boutique hotel, over half off the rates found on other sites! It looks like that was the best deal, but every hotel except one had some sort of deal through the site. Nice find!

  52. Mighty Mouse says:

    Your timing about GoSeek was perfect for me. I read your article on the plane to PDX where I didn’t have a hotel reservation yet. I used GoSeek to try and book my hotel. It directed me to with a coupon code but the coupon code didn’t work so I booked a different hotel.

    The next night I also used GoSeek but didn’t find what I wanted. Tonight I used GoSeek again in northern Washington. It gave me numerous options. Nice! But no discount on the hotel I wanted :(.

    My observations/comments:
    1. Please develop an app! The interface on my phone, where I did all of my searching was good enough, but a well laid out app would be better. I often book with just because they make it easy to do so.

    2. It is difficult to use the map function on a phone. And there is an annoying thing where a blue dot shows up on the map. You think it is a hotel… so you keep pressing it to reveal the hotel but it seems to be an artifact… or something. You also have to zoom in quite close to get the “green balls” to explode and show the exact hotels. The exploding green ball looks trick but I would prefer if the map would just populate the individual hotels without zooming in quite so close. These might not be issues on a computer.

    3. It would be nice if you couldn’t enter/connect your GoSeek account with the other sites where GoSeek makes their suggestions. It was cumbersome to enter the coupon codes from GoSeek into my app. When I did click through to use the coupon code, GoSeek would only open a browser page for not my app. I don’t even know if that is possible to get it to open the app, but it would make it easier to use.

    4. GoSeek provided inaccurate information. OK… only once. But if it happened alot, I could see getting annoyed and not bother using it anymore.

    5. I found the search functions reasonably quick considering how many different hotels they provided information for. Nice. The connection with TripAdvisor info was appreciated.

    Thus far I am impressed with GoSeek and it will remain in my hotel search bag of tricks. Thank you for directing me to it.

  53. I searched Orlando. I wanted to find hotels with the lowest prices, but when I choose that option it did not list from lowest to highest, but was somewhat random..50.00 then 60,00 then back down to that. Somewhat frustrating as other sites once you get to your “cap” you would stop scrolling, with this I had to keep looking.

  54. Alexandru Rusu says:

    This site is a good and is for any people who need to find a best and cheap hotel and you can compare hotels prices from tripadvisor and expedia and it’s a good and helpful thing ! In my opinion it’s a great site because your location is use automatically only select dates to stay in hotel and how many rooms do you want and it’s easy to find an information !

  55. I have to find a room for this weekend anyway, so I tried it out. I like how the prices on the different travel sites are shown and easy to see. I don’t like how when there is no discount it says ‘oh, snap!’… maybe it’s just me but it just doesn’t seem very professional. All in all, everything I clicked on and entered seemed to work as expected!

  56. steve weber says:

    I checked it goSeek for an upcoming trip I have and I was finding a bit cheaper hotels to stay at than I was finding on and other sites. I like the site and would recommend it.

  57. I did something different. Though I have lived in Edmonton for 63 years ,I have only stayed at the Hotel McDonald. So I searched the city to find the deals..and for most of them you were able to provide a discount. However when I actually searched out the South Side hotels, I was hard pressed to find discounted prices, and as I wish to take my greatest friend somewhere away from where she lives for her birthday, it was a little disappointing

  58. Bienvenido C. Masaluñga Jr. says:

    Well first of all, for my part, it was nice. The home page is straight to the point that ask you where do you want to go, when, for how many etc. But I would like to suggest that put some hotel below so if she/he have no idea or haven’t finalize the details yet, she/he could simply browse to list below. Overall, it was nice compare to others. User friendly indeed 🙂

  59. Judy Thomas says:

    I found goSeek really user friendly ,just fill the details of your destination,select a few options and away you go! The choices of accomadation that you are given are awesome.So many choices and you can get the best price and get to see what the rooms are like too. A great experience, I know I will use it before I travel next time .Thank you.

  60. Terry Cover says:

    The search was quick as was the comparrison rates. I do believe, maybe I didn’t see it, local restaurants and other entertainment available in the area.

  61. Varun Narula says:

    the site looks good with its simple interface. Found quite a few number of hotels when I did a search in my hometown – Ahmedabad, India.

  62. I used the website to look for hotels in Washington Dc, for an upcoming weekend get away. The website found a discount of almost $100 per night, however, I wish that the discount applied to all type of rooms just not one or two room types. Unfortunately, we were looking for a suite, and unable to use the website as that type of room was not offered ( it appears it was just for that specific hotel). After looking at a few more hotels, one of the discounts offered was due to a change in the nightly rate, so not actually a discount. But, interested to see how the website can save me money and offer me different booking option on upcoming trips.

  63. Lauren E. says:

    Im always looking for better hotel search engines. Its hard finding the right place at the right price.

  64. Tried it out, nice interface, however, it would be nice to be able to narrow the results by location. I searched Boston and wanted a way to narrow results to the airport, but had to click on the map and look at it that way. On the upside, it’s very easy to modify your search parameters (location, dates, guests, rooms) without having to backtrack or leave the search results page.

  65. Searched for Akron OH. Very useful site. Loved the simplicity yet the powerful search engine. Loved the filters to narrow down the searches.

  66. Cool site. I’m always interested in getting a better deal, and they seem to have that. I really like the map feature that shows where each hotel is located. And I also like that you can sort them according to ranking. There were a few smaller cities that I keyed in that weren’t showing up. In finding discounts, the sites that have the lesser traveled areas and hotels are the most difficult to find discounts for. I’ve bookmarked the site because I think it would be a good one to keep using. thanks!

  67. I found the site easy to navigate, well laid out, fast search and response. I found there was a lot of information available when I searched for a particular hotel. The boxes with freebies amenities etc was a bonus so I can narrow my search to exactly what I am looking for. My only criticism is that perhaps the font was a little small and yes I could change my settings to allow for this but i think if they were enlarged a little more or not in black on a white background the words might stand out a little more..

    On the whole I would say a good 9/10 for quick, relevant info and fantastic to see what other amenities the hotel has such as pool, airport shuttle, internet , spa etc. I would definitely recommend this site

  68. While sleek-looking, some functions are not clear. Ex. Savings types has buttons set to the right by default but I’m not a senior citizen with AAA so I can’t use them. But are these selected to be off or on? And, how do I change them? I fiddled but they didn’t move. Instructions are needed. Green button colours would intuitively show when it’s active.

    Also, I picked Las Vegas, yet the first hotel listed was in Henderson, NV. There needs to be a map showing location and ability to narrow down and select an area. I want to attend an event so the hotel needs to be nearby. Hotels change name and spring up there all the time so I need to be able to see where the hotels are quickly; names are not enough.

  69. Clean interface not much to distract you from your goal. A little slower than other sites but it works.

  70. Tried searching for Fort Meyers FL….site couldnt seem to find the city…tried Fort and Ft….search software needs some work….

  71. I searched for hotels in Hendersonville, NC for an upcoming road trip. I liked the listing of all the hotels in the area, but many had no discounts at all! I liked that I could see many options in one place.

    I think this will be a great site once they get some better search options.

  72. I searched under Atlanta for Easter and found some nice discounts at great hotels! It looked as if Marriott and Hyatt have some nice properties there and the discounts are substantial. I am going back to right now and start booking rooms for our holiday visit!

  73. love the site! The ability to turn on or off different types of discounts is phenomenal.

  74. Carolsue says:

    It has a nice interface and the hotels that came up had good prices and descriptions. HOWEVER, I must be doing something wrong because when I open this, it has my own city listed. I changed it to the city I wanted to search in, but when I searched, it listed hotels in my own city again. Even when I changed it and hit update, it still went back to my own city. Not sure how to get the cities I want to actually search for hotels in! I think it is a good app if I could just figure out how to use it!

  75. Tricia Hope says:

    What a great site!Will be a useful resource for my future travels!

  76. Andrew P says:

    Love the initial interface. Super snappy and responsive. The default sorting of the search is vague; is it initially based on sponsored posts? If so, please make that more prominent.

  77. BlackAsphodel says:

    I like the way it looks, the simple clean design and that it automatically detects your location. What’s unclear to me though is why it initially shows you a longer list of hotels, but then (in my case) it gets narrowed down to 2. It’s pretty fast in my opinion and the options on the side make it easier to narrow down your choices.

  78. Alanna Dumonceaux says:

    To me it seems almost too simplistic, and it caters directly to american cities. Right away all canadian cities are just “canada” with no provinces so that to me says that canada isn’t their priority for deals so i wouldn’t even use them to look here. I might use them for US searchs but i prefer sites that right away appear to have everything i am after and this one seems a little too simple and like it might be missing some of what i would be searching for.

  79. would be nice if it had a contact us link easily visible

  80. having a flexible dates options to proactively offer potentially cheaper days would be great to have.

  81. Melissa M says:

    I really love how it has all the travel sites in one spot and compares them. It is also soo much easier to understand and navigate as compared to other sites out there.

  82. I searched for a 5-star property in Scottdale, AZ and many came back offering no discounts.

  83. I just spent some time doing some price comparisons to Kayak (what I normally use). I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find not just 1 or 2, but most of the listings had better rates. I will definitely be using GoSeek to find lodging going fwd. As far as improvements, I’d love to see a search option on the left to filter by hotel brand. Ideally, I’d also love to see a calendar popup for each hotel that shows daily rate breakdowns – so that I could adjust my trip dates if desired. I’ve never seen this before -but a girl can dream! 🙂

  84. Chris Martinez says:

    It’s very easy to use. However, perhaps making a more mobile-accessible site would help—I accessed from my cell phone.

  85. I looked for a hotel in Hong Kong and got results for hotels in China as well. Hopefully, they can correct this.

  86. There should be an option for us to find out how far the hotel is away from the nearest airport.

  87. Susan Stirling says:

    I have been actively seeking hotels in Vancouver and Seattle for a trip in May so am aware of what other sites are offering and this one is pricing right. I did sign up and will send the site to my travel partner to review too. I liked that it showed what the deal price was based on but did have some difficulty reading when it was a ‘coupon deal’ .. instead of showing me what the coupon deal was, it sent me off to another booking site — I think All in all, though, I was pleased and I have added it to my file for good sites to use.

  88. The website is easy to use. It would be nice if some of the defaults were switched off ie AAA rate or perhaps providing insight into what a subscriber rate is.

    Also, it sent me to for one of the searches I made where the website clearly said I would earn SPG points for my booking. I dont think that is accurate and that is most likely an issue with the Room77 website but for most folks, that blame would fall to goseek since they sent them there.

  89. Deborah Gardner says:

    I’m spending a weekend down in Oregon this summer and put the dates in the search engine, I got great results. I liked the savings filter and freebies filter especially. Free wifi is a must for me! I liked the site compared rates from the most popular booking sites so I know I’m looking at the best deal! I’m definitely bookmarking goSeek for future trips!

  90. Nice and clutter free interface. Searched for New Delhi, turns no one is providing any discount. Liked the filters that were provided. Was able to compare hotel prices from other website.

  91. Anonymous Duckling says:

    The website is really easy to use, and it gives all the information I need to know. Despite the user-friendly interface and many customization buttons you can press, it lacks info about the area you are traveling to… Perhaps there should be some recommended value hotels, and maybe limited time events around the area.

  92. Overall a cool, elegant search site with fast-loading features. There is definitely a lot of potential here. There will probably be a need to add additional search filters to narrow results, such as search by hotel/chain brands, specific metro locations, etc. They should also explain in some fashion what a mobile discount is and what it means to be a subscriber, as that is something needed to unlock some discounted rates. It may be more helpful if all of the discounting options did not start out selected as a default. Other than that I can definitely see using this site.

  93. Crystal Sell says:

    We are traveling next month and I looked up places to stay near there. I found some really nice places with great deals. We still needed one room for one of the nights so I am going to be booking one of the places the search came up with!

  94. Loved the website! Very easy to use, fast and most importantly accurate and saves money! I will use this going forward. My suggestion for improvement involves the map. Most search engines display points for the hotels listed on that page. When I looked at this map it only showed 3 of the hotels, you need to zoom out and move the map around to see where the other hotels are located. The feature I am really looking for in a search engine for hotels is the option to narrow the map down to a specific section of the city I am interested in and then have the detail page show me only those hotels. I would love this feature as it would drastically reduce my search time for cities that require a specific area.

  95. Abhishek D says:

    They should have an advanced search feature too so that one can specify their preferences upfront and get better search results.

  96. Nice look and interface. I searched for Guayaquil and a lot came up. It was nice that when the hotel site had the lowest price, it was noted. Would like to see the hotel website price, even it isn’t the lowest.

  97. I definitely appreciate the user-friendly interface. It’s quick, efficient, and easy on the eyes. The main problem I had however, was being re-directed to the cited travel site and finding a different price than the listed price from GoSeek. For example, a quick search for the Park Hyatt shows $131 for ‘their deals’ and $111 via GoSeek given a $20 off, along with the accompanying discount code. However, when I click on the Travelocity link, it takes me to a page that lists the hotel at $141. Why is this?

  98. I had never heard of this site until I read it on your blog. I plugged in my area just to check them out and I was amazing to see all the local hotels pictured and I really like that they rate them with stars. I also like that they list the rates on other sites. The one thing that I did not like is there were no customer comments that is super important to me. I always read what people write about a hotel. One time I was flying to the L.A. area and was going to stay at a certain hotel until I read the customer comments and one person wrote about bed bugs and I was like… not ever staying there. Another person wrote that there was a lot of strange activity across the street from a certain hotel and I was like… thank you not ever staying there either. So customer comments are what I look for in the end before booking.

  99. Nachshol says:

    Not bad availability and pricing for St Maarten

  100. Seems like a good idea, did a search for Florence for our trip dates but there were no discounts available for most of the higher star hotels.

  101. I looked for a deal for my parents’ upcoming trip to New York and liked that the site showed lower rates that others. One thing that I would work on would be a search by area, perhaps a blurb (particularly in high tourist areas) about distance to the closest major area attraction.

  102. Nice to be able to add senior citizen and AAA rates to search. Limited results for some international locations. I bookmarked the site and hope they mature and succeed.

  103. Sounded good. Kind of confusing using he savings type. What coupons?
    Searching on my iPad was kind if difficult. Don’t think I will use them.

  104. I like the ability to search for coupons and add additional discounts, but I did not care for the “too low to show” display where you had to from and account and log in. I did do that, only to find the deal was $1 lower than the listed price.

  105. Did a search for DC and was impressed to find a very low price for a Hyatt I had just checked on… Would be helpful to have more information about the bed type for the rate offered…

  106. I like the look of the site. I didn’t find a lot in the area of Milan I needed.

  107. i like the lay out but what i like the mot is that you compare the rates and have alink or the copde for the actuall coupon!

  108. Thanks for writing about goseek. I will check it out and hopefully it will have me to save some bucks on my travels.

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