Giveaway! Win a pair of Dr. Segal’s luxury compression socks.

I’ve decided to embrace compression socks.

As in…”I’m wearing them with my Birks, yo.”

IMG_2804I mean, I already look crazy on flights, right? Might as well go head-to-toe.

in-flightAnyway, after my last, exploratory post on compression socks, the super nice team at Dr. Segal’s reached out to me to ask if I maybe wanted to try a pair of their socks on my next flight. Um, yes. The socks they make are fun and cute. And if you’re going to be wearing compression socks, you might as well live it up a little. 😉

They’ve also got basic black and white pairs if you’re more conservatively-minded.

dr segal's collage.jpgI wore the Dr. Segal’s socks on my recent flights to and from Phoenix, and I LOVED THEM.

Let me tell you all about it (I’m kind of laughing because if I met someone who wanted to tell me all about compression socks, I might be scared. But seriously, you should read this, because these socks are really that great).

Before I got the Dr. Segal’s, I had already purchased a pair of Fytto socks and worn them around the house for awhile, just to see what they felt like. They were very comfortable, and I liked them a lot, but after wearing Dr. Segal’s, I can tell you that there is a big difference! It was like the difference between flying in coach (gets the job done, totally fine, can be fun) and flying in First Class (you look forward to the experience, and the relaxation and enjoyment of your vacation starts with the flight).

First of all, the Dr. Segal’s socks were very high-quality. I actually am sort of a sock connoisseur – because of an injury, I either have to wear motorcycle boots, tennis shoes, or Birkenstocks. Every day. It’s been this way for the past seven years. No, I’m not kidding, those are my choices. Makes wearing cocktail dresses interesting. So I know my socks.

The Dr. Segal’s are very nicely woven, and crafted to last. Many socks are thin, which can be a problem after multiple wears. The Dr. Segal’s are thick (but not too thick), and felt amazing on my feet.

I love that they actually have a choice of patterns. I chose the White/Grey argyle.

At $35 a pair, these socks are a little pricey, but you will probably only need one pair. Because they’ll last you for many flights over many years, I think the cost is a fair deal – you won’t have to purchase another pair for a very long time.

But here’s the best part: the team at Dr. Segal’s would like to give away a pair of these awesome socks to a Points and Pixie Dust reader! And, since they know many of you guys are design-minded, they’d like to hear from you about which sock prints/designs you’d like them to create next.

Just leave a comment below and let them know what you’d like to see on your feet in the future. For example, you could say “Skull and Crossbones,” “Rainbows,” or “Stars and Stripes.” (In case you are reading this, Dr. Segal’s, those are my suggestions). 😉

The giveaway entry window will close on Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 9 pm Pacific Time, so please get your comments in before then. Good luck!






  1. I’m going to suggest partnering with Burberry and using their design. High end!

  2. I’d like to see some plaid or polka dots personally. I’ve been curious to try some out but haven’t made the plunge yet. Maybe a free trial would be the inspiration I need to win me over!

  3. For the kid in me, I would like something with cutesy characters/play on brands to be on it. Think *korean socks*. (The socks that have a design of an animal, Psy, Ramen etc.) If you have no diea what I’m talking about go on ebay. They are cheap, but so appealing and have so many designs that people go gaga over them.

  4. Either PacMan or Mario

  5. Carey Owen says

    I would like something with flags of different countries

  6. scenery designs with locations around the world.

  7. Since compression socks are really long there is lots of space…so on the tall part that goes over the calves facing back it could say on one sock “If you can read this….” and then on the other “you are invading my space” or “you are standing too close” or something like that….

  8. Alexis L says


  9. Loving the pink and grey Argyle socks!

  10. Paisley ! Holiday des

  11. Military print

  12. Paisley in different colors would be great

  13. Hello Kitty …. or star trek / star fleet logo

  14. Definitely polka dots.

  15. Paris Mama says

    I suffer from restless leg syndrome and my legs swell on long flights. So I’ve been researching compression socks. Thanks for sharing this brand! Me, I’m a boring photographer who dresses in black and gray and expresses my creativity in my photos. So baby blue please!!!!!

  16. Whoops, I was trying to write holiday designs! Feel free to delete the first if there is a one entry per person limit.

    How about college colors? Like maize and blue for Univ of Michigan, green and yellow for Oregon, etc.

    OK, now I just hope I win!

  17. Socks with the sun, moon, and the stars would be great, and also perhaps different fruits like blueberries or strawberries, and animals like dogs, cats, and turtles would be attractive, as well.

  18. heavenlyjane says

    definitely ARGYLE!

  19. bruceutah says

    My wife would love to see tiger strip design.

  20. Why not have the Airline Logos on them. Another way to advertise!

  21. Partner with Vera Bradley! People love those prints!

  22. My wife would love them in a zebra pattern.

  23. Abhishek D says

    multi-colored & cross-patterned

  24. Red and white chevron.

  25. How about a lovely cloud pattern to represent the restful and healthy aspects of wearing socks that are good for ya!!

  26. Since these are expensive, I would want to stay with classic black so that it will coordinate with my outfits and I wouldn’t need multiple pairs for matches.

  27. USA world cup inspired!

  28. chevron pattern

  29. Star Wars Yo!

  30. Superheros, strips, polka dots, zig zags

  31. Camo!

  32. LauraPDX says

    Colorful stripes, and subdued black, grey and white patterns for the conservative fliers.
    I have a plain black pair that I wear and they blend in with some outfits, but not all.
    Khaki or denim colors could work too.
    OR how about socks with “tatoos” ???

  33. Stripey and in fun, bold colors!

  34. A purple teal and black design would be awesome. Those are the colors I wear most often.

  35. tiffany l says

    polka dots!

  36. I love the animal prints

  37. Thanks for the tip on these! I’d love vertical stripes in subtle colors.

  38. A cute chevron pattern would be amazing!

  39. I really like some of the previous ideas about clouds, tattoos, and animal prints. In an effort to say something new, I will suggest famous skylines/cityscapes, like NYC, Seattle, DC monuments…

  40. I would love a pair for my upcoming trip to Japan.

  41. I forgot to say I wanted the animal print one.

  42. Black is always good. Bronze-y color would be nice. For designs, maybe iconic travel sites.

  43. United Nations: different countries’ flags

  44. Nance Meyer says

    I would love happy faces:)

  45. Nance Meyer says

    Also I think little airplanes would be cute:)

  46. Polka dots! Or some fun stripes!

  47. Kathy Shizumura says

    Polka dots, please! Coordinating browns, pinks, black/grays, blues, greens, and purples would be super cute!!!

  48. I’d love to try the basic black meds.

  49. Cute planes! Love the other designs 🙂

  50. anita b. says

    I’m obsessed with polka dots and chevron

  51. I’m thinking tiger stripes…

  52. Lindsi G says

    Love all animal print!

  53. I like the idea of paisley.

  54. blue chevron

  55. Being conservative is my motto in flight and traveling, so gray, blue and beige would match my outfits and I could wear them to my yoga class under my yoga pants.

  56. I love the white/gray argyle as well!

  57. 1. Stripes, with choice of horizontal, vertical, or slanted.
    2. “Do Not Disturb”
    3. Tie Dye

  58. There is a bar in Austin that sells socks with one saying ‘beer’ and the other ‘meat’. If those were on compression socks, that would be awesome!

  59. Happy July 4

  60. I would love to see photos of marine life. I make international flights mostly to scuba dive locations and I always wear compression socks on those flights.

  61. Skulls sound fun, but would also like to see something floral.

  62. having just taken the TPE to LAX flight on hello kitty eva airlines, I have to say hello kitty print 🙂

  63. Tall thick socks are my #1 comfort item. It’d be great to see some in my favorite neon shades & laden with the names of great cities to travel to!

  64. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says

    Retro flowers

  65. I would say, cats and dogs on the socks

  66. dinosaurs

  67. “Brand” them with different airlines’ colors (sans the logos); perhaps that way they would creep into amenity kits.

  68. Christine says

    World map wrapping around the sock with tiny airplanes and routes between international airports

  69. I would wear the cheetah print. They look really fun!

  70. Beverly Wright says

    World Map

  71. My favorites were the argyles, until I read everyone else’s suggestions. Yes, to polka dots, plaid and flags and maps.

  72. Marilyn B says

    Love all the suggestions, but for me it has to be bright red with white polka dots, just like Minnie Mouse’s hair bow!!

  73. Sharon S. says

    How about some for us golfers with little golf balls and tees on them?

  74. I would like a chevron design!!!!!

  75. I love anything brown!!!!

  76. I love the idea of black with white polka dots!

  77. Zebra prints all the way for me! lol

  78. Animal photos/drawings please. Cats and dogs?

  79. University sports team logos or mascots. Should make excellent collectible item.

  80. Personally, I think anything argyle is a good start, but if I won a pair of these it would be for my pregnant wife, who has to fly twice for work during her third trimester!

  81. any pair will do.

  82. ooh I made it just in time! I currently use 2XU compression socks – they are about $50, so $35 sounds quite reasonable to me for these.

    I use compression socks/sleeves primarily for running (but am considering for flying too, after your articles). i prefer solid colors, or wouldn’t mind having a pair in red white or black. I’d be curious to check out if Dr Segal does compression sleeves as well as socks. This would be great for runners since they I could also wear my preferred run sock w/the sleeves (Injinji toe socks).

    Look fwd to trying these out!


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