God only knows what room service thought…

If I had to choose a personal motto, it would be: Never a Dull Moment.

I’ve had more than my share of crazy stories, and they don’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. I know that my actions contribute to many of these adventures, and I admit that I am a little dramatic and yes, quirky. So I wasn’t altogether surprised to find myself in the middle of yet another crazy story.

My family is used to all of this, of course. So when room service knocked on the door last night and I screamed and dove under the covers (my usual move – I don’t like answering the door), Josh just rolled his eyes. In the meantime, my son Bear thought it would be a good idea to “hide” next to the bed. He had just gotten out of the bath and didn’t have his pajamas on yet. My daughter Bird chose this moment to try to sneak screen time on Josh’s i-pad.

Josh let the server into the room. As they passed by the bed, Josh noticed that Bird was on his i-pad, and tried to reclaim it from her. Unfortunately, he somehow managed to clip the side of her face with it as he did. So she burst into tears and began to wail (nobody can wail like Bird).

“Daddy! You punched me in the face!” she yowled. “You punched me!”

Hearing all of this from under the covers, I assumed that the server was already out of the room, so I threw back the covers to reveal myself. Luckily I was fully clothed. The server and I made eye contact, and then I quickly flopped the duvet back over myself and started laughing hysterically.

So now Bird was wailing on top of one bed, I was shaking with laughter underneath the covers of the other, and poor Bear was trapped, naked, on the floor between both of us.

never a dull moment 2

Our reenactment of the scene

It was quite a scene.

I have to hand it to Josh. As all of this mayhem unfolded, he simply accepted the room service tray, thanked the server, and walked him to the door.

Never a dull moment indeed.

I can’t stop laughing about this, and it makes me wonder – have you ever found yourself in a similarly crazy situation when room service knocked on the door?


  1. Well now, I don’t think I can top that room service experience. Normally it’s just lil ole me on a business trip, anxiously awaiting a real meal after chit chatting at an evening work gathering, where I’ve had limited food options. (I’m mostly vegan, occasional dairy, no meat). They always say to call when done to get the tray picked up, but I admit I never do, ever. Two visits from room service is too much. I just shove it in the hallway. I wonder how many ppl actually call back for tray pickup?


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