Google Express is throwing money at me. You, too?

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Google Express. My friend Hottie told me about a (since expired) Groupon deal ($40 worth of items for $15, plus 3 free months), and also tipped me off to the fact that Costco is one of the stores connected to Google Express. Since I really dislike going to Costco, I decided it was absolutely worth a try.

As a side note, other locations include:
Whole Foods
REI (for those urgent camping needs)
Ulta (for beauty emergencies)
Lots more. Take a look here.

I placed a $40 order and reveled in the fact that every item in my order was on sale at Costco. Woo!

Then I immediately marked the date on my calendar to cancel (3 months later, right before I was going to be charged the $10/month fee).

The service was great. A box just magically appeared on my doorstep a couple of days later – just like Amazon Prime. I was thrilled to discover that there was also a nice surprise inside – a coupon good for $15 off my next order!

Since it was all so easy, I placed another order several days later and again happily received a box on my doorstep. Again, the same coupon!

Google Express

Will lightning strike three times in one place? I’m about to find out, because I just placed another order. 🙂

How about you? Have you tried Google Express? Have you received any great surprises?


  1. Thanks for reminding me that I needed to order some stuff. I probably use this service 3-4 a month. Hasn’t failed me yet! But my coupons are only $5 (which I am still happy to get) not $15. Wonder if I will get one of those in my next box….So nice to come home to coffee and dog food on my front porch!

  2. I had a pilot/trial Google Express free membership for over 18 months. That was the best! But even if you don’t have a membership the cost is $5/order. Per the terms you will be in second priority for delivery windows, but I haven’t noticed a difference yet.

    I just like that I can get Costco and Fry’s Electronics and Whole Foods items delivered at the same in-store price unlike Instacart with its mystery markups PLUS service fees.

    Curbside has also been piling on the discounts. Typical offer is $10 off a $20+ order. It’s drive up service to the store instead. There’s no additional fee and the pricing is the same as in store. With Target orders at Curbside you can use your Target credit card and still get the 5% card discount, but you cannot use coupons or Cartwheel.

  3. OC_Banker says:

    Perfect Timing! $15 Promo Code received in today’s delivery. Thanks for the tip since I never would have looked for it without your post today.

  4. Christina says:

    I was introduced through the same groupon deal as you! My coupons have been $5 but they recently offered a code for a free $15 for any new subscribers! 34QSWS5X4 no minimum purchase

    I’m debating whether I want to continue once my free trial shipping is over. I have been loving it because I live in a very rural area and all the stores are 2 hours away or more.

  5. I found these coupons codes for Google Express:


    It’s for $15 off + Free Express Shipping for 3 months trial.

    • Hi, Just to make sure, I will get free shipping for 3 months and if I cancel before 3 months, I would not get any charged plz? thanks so much.

  6. This coupon worked for me. AVZSJX2YC I received $15 off on my order and another $5 off coupon came with my order.

  7. Munish Aggarwal says:

    $15 Free Google Express Shopping Credit + 3 Month free membership

    2) Enter Items in the cart
    3) Go to checkout
    4) Apply code HNGA6K598
    5) SIgn up for membership to get free shipping for 3 months

  8. Hi everyone, i have a question. Just want to make sure, If I become member i will get free shipping? And If i cancel memebership withing 3 months, I would not get charged right?

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