Guest Post From Bird – Start ‘Em Off Early

The following is a guest post from my 10-year-old daughter, Bird. (Of course Bird is not her real name. As I always say, I did grow up in Berkeley, but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere). The moral of this post is that it is never too early to expose your children to the joys of Points and Miles.

Howdy, Bird speaking. If you are reading this blog, you are probably a points and miles freak like my mom. Or maybe you are just able to withstand incredibly boring information. If you are the second type, please do something else other than while away your time learning how to stay at some fancy hotel that has a dress code. Instead, go get an ice cream or something (I suggest Carmel Cookie Crunch). Anyhoo, this is a story about my mom and her crazy friend (E, you know who you are!).

I was in my room, reading The Hunger Games: Was there really a District 13? And If I did escape the Capitol…

“BLAH! BLAH! Club Carlson! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Hyatt Agencies! BLAH!…” My mom and her friend were sitting on the sofa, talking, and they just got louder and louder! (Most moms are crazy only sometimes. My mom is crazy sometimes, loud most of the time, and talkative almost all the time. I’m beginning to suspect her friend is the same way).

“That’s it! I’m going downstairs!” I yelled. And even downstairs, I could still hear “BLAH! Avios! BLAH! BLAH!”

I sighed and kept trying to read, but it was no use. I couldn’t block out their points and miles shouting. Finally I just started listening. My mom always says, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” I decided to make a list of what I know about points and miles. Here it is:

1. If you do certain things, then you get more points and miles.

2. My mom really wants to go to Paris.

3. I really want to go to Brazil.

4. I love birds. That’s not about points and miles but I couldn’t resist saying it.

5. I’m really good at playing the saxophone.

6. If you use Award Wallet it’s easier to see all of your thousands of points.

7. I think my dad thinks that points and miles are sort of boring, too. Sometimes I can tell that he isn’t really listening to my mom.

8. Bye!

From Pixie Points: note that I am traveling this week (I’m at family camp, woo hoo!) so I don’t have access to the internet, which means that I am unable to respond to emails or comments. I’ll be back soon!


  1. Hey bird,

    I liked “The Hunger Games” too. But I was too cheap to buy it and tried to borrow from my library. I was something like number 458,098,000 in line to get it so my grandson loaned me his copies. But he only had the first two. I finally bought the third copy and gave it to him on the condition I get it when he’s through.

    Yeah points and miles can be totally boring until you get your first job and your first boss. Then getting ANYTHING for free starts to look real good to you. 😉

    • Points Pixie says:

      Hi Anne – I have no idea where my third book of The Hunger Games is, and I’ve been staying up all night trying to predict what will happen next in the story. I love the Hunger Games!

      Even though I find points and miles really boooorrrrrring, I loved going to New York with my mom.

  2. Super cute! Thanks for the guest post. I’m fairly certain my husband doesn’t listen to most of my talk about miles and points and I bet my daughter feels the same way as Bird!

  3. pinkisnice says:

    Bird, you’ve got it all figured out. I’d follow your blog!

  4. This is the BEST POST about points. EVER!
    Keep writing. I can’t wait to find out more.

  5. Hi Bird, thanks for the wonderful post! I think the same scenario exist in my household too!

  6. That was hilarious, Bird! I enjoyed your article very much…

  7. Hi Bird – I loved your post!! I hope you will write more, or better yet start your own blog! I would totally read it every day. Brazil is AWESOME you would love it. The food is wonderful. I’ve been lucky enough to go several times with work. Maybe the next time you can hide in my suitcase and go too! 🙂

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