I Just Got My First Check From Feecation

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a sort of unbelievable service called Feecation. I say unbelievable because if you take the time to send in your claims via email (couldn’t be easier), Feecation will reimburse you for up to $1,250/year in travel-related fees. Cost to join is $17/month, but they will give you the first month for free – and yes, you can submit claims during this first free month.

I joined in March and submitted four claims totaling $40 (they will pay you back $10 per fee). All you need to do is select the type of fee you paid from a drop-down menu and then email them a receipt. I simply snapped a photo of each receipt with my phone and attached the photos to the emails.

feecation types of fees

This takes all of about five minutes. Be warned that the first time you submit a claim, it does feel like you are just sending a random email into the void (or at least that is what it felt like for me). However, the site does reflect your recent rebate submissions and payments if that makes you feel any better.

my feecation fees

And I just got my first rebate check in the mail today!

feecation rebate

If you are planning any air travel, hotel stays, or car rentals in the future, I highly recommend Feecation. My subscription has already paid for itself, and now it’s a moneymaker – I’ve made a profit.

And that’s cause for celebration! Maybe I’ll plan another vacation 🙂

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  1. This sounds too good to be true!! So to make sure I’m understanding this, you submit claims for your traveling fees and then they reimburse you a % back? How do they make money bc I don’t the monthly subscription offsets the reimbursed travel expenses.

    P.S. great blog!!

    • Points Pixie says

      Temo – Thank you!

      And yes, I agree that it sounds too good to be true. I was skeptical, so when I actually got the check in the mail I thought I would share that it really is legit. However, I imagine that they might not be around forever (?) because at this point I’ve made money by using the service (so far I’ve paid $17 and received $40 back, with $20 more on the way).

      • I would think they are around because not everyone travels as much as you do. So you may have made money that one month, where as other people might only go on vacation once or twice. The service would actually make money on those people.

        • Points Pixie says

          Lesli – True. Of course, if you knew that you were only going to go on one vacation, you could stop the service after the first month. That way you would still make money 🙂

  2. Chanel @ La Viajera Morena says

    That’s interesting I’m going to look into it 🙂

  3. Francisco says

    Thanks for the heads up PointsandPixieDust! I have a few questions – that haven’t been answered by the website:
    1. Can you submit fees after membership has started for fees paid prior to membership, but used during membership – example – paying for early bird check in on Southwest when making the reservation, but flying after feecation has started?
    2. Does it include random airport fees for car rentals?
    Thank you!

    • Points Pixie says

      Hi Francisco – I have some answers!

      1. No, unfortunately your membership needs to be active at the time the fee is charged.
      2. No, I haven’t seen an option that would include those pesky “random” fees. But they do cover quite a few typical fees.

      • Francisco says

        Thanks for the lightning fast reply! Do you know if the include priceline service fees? Thanks again!

  4. Points Pixie says

    I like the way you think! Sadly I haven’t seen an option for Priceline service fees either. But I can tell you are going to get your money’s worth from this service. Go, Francisco! 🙂

  5. Francisco says

    Go PointsandPixieDust!

  6. Points Pixie says

    Thanks for the support! It’s because of readers like you that I keep writing. 🙂

  7. way cool! I will have to look into this. BTW…do you have a twitter account?

  8. You may or may not know the answers here…. curious if they pay airport parking fees also? I see the hotel parking fees. If I went on a trip last week and sign up today, will I be able to submit fees from last week or is effective only from when you sign up? Intrigued!!

  9. Points Pixie says

    Rebecca – I don’t think they pay airport parking fees. You can start submitting claims from the day you sign up. Check it out!

  10. It says get up to $10 per fee for the rental car extras. However, those extras get charged per day (like an extra driver is $11 per day) so if I rent a car for 7 days with an extra driver that is $70, but I would only get $10 back? It doesn’t say if it is per rental or per day.

    • Points Pixie says

      Hi Lesli,

      I have always had success in submitting multiple claims for the same rental (one claim for each day). I just make sure to indicate on the claim that it is part of the same rental, and write “First claim of 6, Second claim of 6…”

  11. Hi,

    Great blog & post !

    1 quick question – is it necessary that claims are only for the person who takes the membership is travelling or can it be for other household family members travelling (but without the person who has the membership) ?

    • Points Pixie says

      Hi Vaidy – Thank you!

      In order to file a claim, you have to have a membership (so others in your family cannot use the same membership). Hope that helps!

  12. Question..somewhere I saw that tips were also payable? Is that true? how could you do that if they don’t give you a receipt when tipping…? AWESOME BLOG!!!!!! Different and fresh to read keep up the awesome work Kendra!!!

    • Points Pixie says

      Ivan – Thanks for the compliments!!

      I haven’t heard that tips were payable. Anyone else know the answer to this?

  13. Kendra how long did it take for you to get your first check after submitting receipts?? I did my first one a month ago and still no sign of anything… thanks!


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