I Need A New Airport Style

I’m writing this post instead of packing for my trip tomorrow because I realized I simply cannot go on until I figure out my airport style. Okay, yes, I’m being overly dramatic. But I really do need to get to the bottom of this paralyzing issue once and for all. A couple of years ago, my life was drastically improved when I was able to define my everyday style, which is seventies glam. You’d think that I could extend that style to airports, but sadly, seventies glam is not always the most comfortable or practical of styles, so I am desperately seeking style help.

I’ve got my eye on Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. They seem to have airport style down; they look comfortable and relaxed while still rocking their signature looks. Studying them for clues, I notice that their successful airport outfits have several things in common:

angelina jolie airport



jennifer aniston

  1. Leggings or stretchy jeans. I can do this. Well, not leggings. I look terrible in leggings. But I can do stretchy jeans.
  2. Boots. Easy. I live in boots.
  3. Oversized sunglasses. Not sure why I would wear sunglasses in an airport, but maybe I will give it a try. I suppose it could help to lend an air of mystery and glamour, which is definitely a look I could embrace.
  4. Extra large bag. Yes! The bigger, the better. I need a place for all my magazines.
  5. Slouchy tee or tank top. I do not own any slouchy tees! Maybe that is my problem!! I have ten million tank tops, but I would freeze to death if I wore one on a plane. I’ve got to find a slouchy tee.
  6. Scarf (peeking out of Jennifer’s bag). Perhaps this is the answer to the frozen tank top problem.
  7. Smirk. I need to practice my smirk.

Okay, I’m going to give this a shot. I apologize in advance to Hottie (not her real name, of course), my traveling companion. Hottie: I give you permission to pretend like you don’t know my shivering, sunglass-wearing, smirking new airport persona. Maybe you could just run in front of me and take tons of pictures as I breeze by.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better airport style? I’d love to hear them.


  1. If you are looking for a great travel scarf try a Jamawar. I get mine from a seller on ebay called HeritageTrading. I’ve had 2 over the last 7 years of literally non-stop travel and they are awesome. I like the wool ones – they are super soft and lightweight – fold down to smaller than a paperback book. They aren’t cheap (about $50) but they look very expensive. Their silk ones are really gorgeous too but not quite as warm.

    As for the boots…. how cool are they going to look while you are hopping on one foot trying to get them off to go through security? Hmmmm?

    • Points Pixie says

      Diane – Thanks for the tip. Those scarves are gorgeous! I laughed out loud about the boots. Since I already look like a complete fool going through security (underwear spilling out of my bag, computer clattering onto the floor, etc.), the boots will only complete the picture. Seriously, I always apologize to the hapless people around me. I’m a disaster in security.

  2. I usually wear boots in airports. The trick is to get them unzipped when there are two people ahead of you at the x-ray machine so you are ready to step out fast. DO NOT try to put them back until you get to a bench. It is just not lady-like to hop and drop. Don’t forget the surprisingly whimsical (not goofy) socks.
    My real name is Hottie, BTW.

  3. I go for reality. It would be Angelina-black jeans, dark gray top vs Jennifer’s cute white jeans. Nix the boots–tsa issues. And I do a big soft bag with a cross body strap so I can safely carry a cup of coffee and plane tickets. Layers. And I like a little jacket because I like to look a little dressy when I go into airport lounge… Happy trails!

    • Points Pixie says

      Sue – Ah, reality! It always bites me in the booty. Layers, yes. And a jacket! Love that idea. Classy is always in style.

  4. I’m jealous, Sue. I only get in lounges when I’m comped. But looking good is definitely part of traveling.

    A little off topic here but I’m majorly bewildered when people advise taking old clothes with you when you travel and throwing them away to lighten your load. WHAT? I take my favorite clothes traveling, and then buy more.

    As for an airport style, even my best outfits lose a little of their “rockability” because I’m burdened with hand carry luggage, purse, snacks, tickets and jacket/sweater. I always feel I look a bit like a refugee fleeing a country.

    And I honestly think right behind Angelina and Jennifer (out of sight) is a sherpa loaded down with their gear.

    • Points Pixie says

      Anne – Couldn’t agree more. Horrified at the thought of packing old clothes and throwing them away!! Terrible!!

      I definitely pack my fave pieces, and usually try to pop into at least one boutique while at my destination. Consignment stores in New Orleans are the best! Another thing is that I try to pack around a color theme – black/white/gray, navy/white, browns/beiges – and then add pops of color. That way I can mix and match pieces and still look put together.

      I can’t wait until my kids get a little older and then I can hire them as my sherpas.

  5. Love this! I recently read a scathing indictment of the increasingly informal sweatpants-to-pajamas airport culture that I would offer here, but can’t remember the source.
    Hope you had a fabulous time in Portland, Points Pixie!

    • Points Pixie says

      Annissa – I swear I actually saw someone in pajamas at the airport. What is the world coming to?

  6. maxi dress and slippers (flip flops)

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