I thought this was imported from Italy, but it was from Office Depot.

I was in the best meeting a few days ago. The meeting itself was actually slightly boring, and VERY long. However, I was sitting next to our stylist, and he is witty and fabulous and hip. He and I passed notes, which kept things interesting.

During the meeting, I could not stop staring at the bag he had brought to the meeting. It was just so perfect. It looked as if it had leapt off the pages of Vogue and onto the floor of our conference room. I must say this is a bag that is even more amazing in person, but just so you can see it here online, I am including a photo. It’s really large (17 inches tall and 15 inches wide), which is part of the reason it’s so unique.

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 5.30.00 PM

Finally, I just had to know. “Where did this come from?” I whispered to him.

“Girl, that is a story,” he whispered back. “I’ll tell you after!”

I just knew he was going to say that he got it at a chic boutique on a little side street in Italy, but instead he regaled a small group of us with the gripping story of how he snatched the last bag off the shelves of Office Depot several weeks ago.

We were unable to contain our giddy delight, especially when he revealed the price: TWENTY DOLLARS!!!! (Update: currently this is going for FIFTEEN DOLLARS when you use code 25off, with free shipping! Thanks, Patty!)


If you must also have one of these, you can find an array of colors here. Apparently the black and the tan are the best, as the black is just very chic, and the tan gets nicely scuffed and broken-in-looking, like a well-worn pair of boots.

You’re welcome.



  1. It’s on Amazon for $24.95. http://www.amazon.com/Buxton-Womens-Simplicity-Oversized-Handbag/dp/B00K269ZUS

    Chase Freedom 5% category.

    My only concern would be since it’s so large, if you fill it with enough stuff, will the handle stitching be strong enough?

  2. Oh, I need more coffee this morning – I see on your link to Buxton, it is only $19.99.
    (Hey, Starbucks, you aren’t working for me today….LOL)

  3. Points Pixie says

    Marilyn B – 🙂

    The handle stitching seems pretty durable. However – just in case – I got a backup. For $20, I felt like it was worth it!

  4. Use the code 25off on the Buxton site and they are just under $15! I’m getting a couple at that price – thanks Points Pixie!

  5. …and geez, shipping is free!

  6. How are you getting free shipping? I tried yesterday and today and it’s still charging for shipping 🙁

  7. How did you guys get free shipping? Thanks for your help! 🙂

  8. Just bought 2, black and tan. $31.85 for 2, delivered. Thx.

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