Kayaks, Bikes, and Bridges – Creative Ways To Explore A New City

I have a confession to make: I am not a huge fan of museums. Sure, I’ll go. But I must admit that I’d rather be outside, experiencing a city with all of my senses. I love to wander, I’m fine with getting lost, and I’ll gladly walk a dozen miles in a day. The heart of a city can be loud and overwhelming; side streets, neighborhood stoops, and anywhere off the beaten path are where I want to be. So when I have the opportunity to cruise around in any kind of unique way, I snap it up.

When I’m in a new place, one of my favorite things to do is to hop on a bike. Sometimes I sign up for a bike tour if it looks particularly fabulous, but often I just rent a bike for the day and go. One of the best bike tours I’ve been on is the Culinary Tour by Confederacy of Cruisers in New Orleans. It was pouring rain, but my friend Ginger and I braved the downpour and enjoyed the best fried chicken of our lives. We’re still talking about it.

When Josh and I were in Africa, we rented bikes whenever we could, because a twenty-minute ride would take us from the city…

ghana - city

…to the country! Seriously, the contrast was that drastic.

ghana - field

Kayaks are another way to see a city from a different perspective. I’m excited to kayak in Portland when I visit later this month. There’s something about being in the water and looking up at a city’s skyline that is just kind of magical.

And then there are bridges. Not in a car, on foot! Bird and I will be walking across the Brooklyn Bridge later this spring, on our merry way to Jacques Torres for chocolate chip cookies.

source: bakerella

source: bakerella

Even though cookies might be more on the beaten path than off of it. A bad pun, I know, but hopefully a good point.

What is your favorite way to see a city?


  1. I also enjoy riding bikes (although not here in NY outside of Central Park as I am always afraid I am going to get hit by traffic!).

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