Did you know that Birchbox is “live” in NYC?

I’ve been in NYC with my daughter Bird for the past few days. Of course, it’s been awesome; I love NYC.

We did a ton of fun things on this trip that we’ve never done before. Some involved a little planning and a time commitment (heading into Brooklyn, walking around all the side streets in Chinatown, and taking the subway to the Clositers on 190th street, to name a few), but some were just spur-of-the-moment finds.

Like the Birchbox shop in Soho! It was Birchbox come to life 🙂

birchbox storeI’ve written before about Birchbox. It’s is a subscription box – a handpicked mix of luxe beauty samples and other goodies that you get in the mail every month. The samples are varied, high-quality, and very packable – perfect for traveling. Cost is pretty reasonable, especially because you can get a discount every month if you’re willing to spend a few extra minutes.

The only downside is that you can’t choose the samples they send you – you just get what you get.

However, in the actual store, you can select five samples from a menu.

birchbox storeThe in-store samples are really large, and there’s a good selection.

You get to choose one sample from five different categories: skincare, hair, makeup, body and nails, and fragrance.

birchbox menuCost ($15) in-store was pricier than the $10 monthly subscription, but considering the size of the samples and the fact that we got to hand-pick them, we thought it was worth it.

It was also just really fun! I highly recommend the experience if you’re walking around the neighborhood.

Check it out here.

What do you think? Have you been here before? Would you go?




  1. oooh I hope the birchbox store is near where I’m staying when I go to NY in couple weeks!

  2. pinkisnice says

    i would *totally* go. yes, please.

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