My mom got bit by a duck at Tokyo Disney Sea.

This is a guest post from Bear, my nine year-old son. Enjoy!

Tokyo Disney Sea is a place like Disneyland. My family went there because we are in Tokyo. We took a train to get there. The tram to get to Disney Sea had Mickey Mouse heads for windows and the handles to hold were also Mickey Mouse.

Disney Sea monorailWhen we got there, we bought tickets. When we gave the tickets to the person, we got into Tokyo Disney Sea and we saw a big huge earth that looked like it was floating.

Tokyo Disney Sea has roller coasters that are short and scary (sometimes). There is one roller coaster that is called Journey to the Center of the Earth. It has a volcano and it blows out fire every hour!

Tokyo Disney Sea MountainOur first ride that we went on was 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. My favorite part about it was when an octopus tentacle struck our car with lightning. My sister and dad were really, really loud, and me and my mom could not tolerate it, so we yelled at them after the ride.

I liked the food at Tokyo Disney Sea because it tasted very much like Disneyland food, and Disneyland food is good. Disney Sea has popcorn holders that you can fill up with different popcorns – black pepper, strawberry, caramel, and milk tea.

IMG_3559There is also a Donald Duck life preserver that has shrimp in it (on the wrapper of the shrimp dumpling, there was a picture of Donald Duck).

IMG_3548My sister didn’t like the shrimp, so she made it look like it was something yucky. It looked like Donald Duck was holding the yucky thing, so my sister and me took a picture of it.

We were at Tokyo Disney Sea, peacefully eating lunch, then a flesh-eating duck bit my mom.

IMG_3550My mom was very surprised, so she laughed a lot. The people next to her were Japanese, so they couldn’t tell her that the duck was about to bite her. They were laughing after the duck bit her, and my mom said it was very surprising because she was just peacefully eating lunch and the duck bit her. It felt like a little nip in her leg, and she had her shoe off and she had a bug bite on her leg, so the duck probably tried to eat the flesh of her skin.

Then after that, we were talking about it for the whole entire day, and my mom was still surprised and laughing.


  1. Thank you Bear for sharing!! Love reading a 9-year old’s point of view.

  2. Great writing! I can’t wait to hear more about your big vacation with your family.

  3. Great review Bear! I can’t wait to try the Donald Duck life preserver snack.

  4. Hi Bear – What a great post! E read it and said “I had no idea that Bear could write so well!” We love all the stories from your big trip! N thought it was really cool that you got to post on your Mom’s site. Both E and N send you and Bird BIG high-fives for the major adventure you’re on!

  5. Disney sounds awesome, wish I were there!

    The duck sounds a bit nutty. So weird!! Maybe your mom had something tasty on her legs like coconut oil? Or maybe it was just a wild & crazy duck!! Whatever the case, glad mom’s ok!

    The popcorn sounds yummy. I’ll take black pepper and caramel. But not together.

    hope you post again!

  6. pinkisnice says

    Thanks for the awesome post. Your description of the duck-biting incident really brought the scene to life. Keep the stories coming!


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