Have you listened to Mortified yet? It’s so incredibly funny. I laugh out loud every time I tune in.

I have to say, it reminds me a lot of the fact that I kept a journal every day when I was an exchange student in France during my junior year of high school. I paged through it this morning, just for fun. Some excepts:

After school, Christine needed help on a paper she was writing for her English class. The title: “The American Life.” I gave her a killer sentence: The skyscrapers seem to reach up forever, just as the dollar is doing lately.

I’m so lonely. Sometimes I wonder if this is all a dream. My throat hurts. Do I count? If life is so wonderful, why do I feel so ugly?

Lunch chez Katia was super! Her house and her parents are the coolest! Her parents called me “tu.” I love when people do that. Vous is just so formal. Katia has a huge house. Her room is genius. It’s made of two rooms, connected by an archway. What I really loved was a platform by the window where she had some of her stuffed animal collection and little bottles of perfume. Wow. I was very impressed. What got me even more is that her parents hang out with her in her room!

The power of the mind is very real and very wonderful. I just spent about 15 minutes (or 20, or 10, I don’t know) in a self-hypnosis session. I am not bragging or anything but I am very good at putting myself under hypnosis.

You just can’t make this stuff up…


  1. pinkisnice says:

    How brave of you to be an exchange student at that time of life. That entry so captures that age! When I read my diary from middle and high school I jump from heavy to light topics from sentence to sentence just like that. I wish I had the courage to perform at Mortified, but I still can barely read that diary alone in a dark room!

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