My move to Boarding Area and logo redesign (and possibly my most boring title ever).

Sorry about the title. I just couldn’t think of a better one, and it was time to go and pick up my kids from school.

It’s still me!

As some of you may know, I’m about to join Boarding Area. This change has been in the works for several months, and as of sometime next week, it will be official. If you are interested in the story of my blogging journey, I wrote a post about it here.

(And yes, I refreshed my logo. I wanted something a little more sophisticated and polished.)

I love you, man!

If you’re already subscribed to my blog, thank you. My readers are the best! I truly appreciate each one of you. Hopefully this transition will be seamless and you won’t notice an interruption in posts. If for some reason that is not the case, please let me know and I will work to fix it.

Let’s hang out!

Seriously, chatting with all of you is my favorite part of blogging. While the comments section of the blog is always a great place to have a conversation, there are many other flavors of social media that are also yummy for different reasons. So if you want, you can also find me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

BTW, belated shout-out to reader T-Dizzle (not her real name, of course!). It was fun meeting you at the Tampa FTU, T.


T-Dizzle in the HOUSE!

Tell me all about it!

I always love to hear from readers. If you’ve got a question or a comment, please let me know. If you’d like to read more about a topic, that can probably be arranged. And if you just want to say hi, that always makes my day.

Talk to you soon!

I’ve got a lot of great posts planned, plus a few juicy giveaways in the works.

I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.


Pixie Points


  1. pinkisnice says:

    What an abundance of exciting change! Congrats and I love the new look!

  2. yay I’ve missed your posts! love the new logo & site design! aloha

  3. Points Pixie says:

    pinkisnice and Rebecca – Thanks! And aloha 🙂

  4. How exciting!!! That’s great news, and I love the new look as well! Also, totally love the picture; it turned out super cute! We’ll have to make it an FTU tradition! 😉

  5. Points Pixie says:

    Toni – Agree with all of the above!

  6. The new look is uber classy. Boarding Area is about to get a little sparkly!

  7. Congratulations!!!!

  8. Points Pixie says:

    Hottie – Aw yeah, baby!

    ElleX – Yay! Thank you!

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