No, You’re Not Seeing Things – I’ve Changed The Site

When I first started blogging, I had an audience of four: two very good friends, Josh, and me. Oh, and my mom. So five.

In terms of “design,” I just chose what I loved, because I knew that no one else would ever see it. (Turquoise – great! A wand – bring it on!) However, now that I have actual readers, I thought maybe it was time to tidy up my desk a little.

I’m very interested to know what you think, so if you have any comments on the new design, please let me know.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. LOVE the header. It’s clean, colorful, polished, and easy to read. I can’t say enough good things about it. Not as crazy about the “about me” section… they’re fun and cute pictures, but they don’t seem to go with the header.

    • Points Pixie says:

      @Brent, thank you for the feedback! I’m testing this out, so I will definitely think about the”About Me” photos. You might be right.

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